Style Inspiration: Our Moms

One thing I wish… that my mom had saved her wardrobe that she wore in her twenties. Whenever I see old photographs of her, what follows is “Mom why didn’t you save that?” I adore looking back at my mum’s style and find myself  these days wearing things that are somewhat similar;  High waisted vintage jeans, bohemian shirts, and old pea coats are all staples in my wardrobe now thanks to vintage stores.

The other day I asked my mom about her fashion back in the days and this is what she told me

 “I used to shop at Clockhouse Chelsea girl and market stalls, my cardigans and jumpers were always hand knitted, oh…  and I always saved my money to by jeans, stay press trousers, and Oxford bags with Prince of Wales Check. A few times a year we would save and go shopping to Cardiff (the capital city in Wales). At 18 I had my first MIDI leather coat, I was into new romantic fashion, never ever punk fashion. Then I had you and your sister and all my money went on baby boutiques.”

I love my mom and her style and find her a huge inspiration ever day. Was there something about your mom’s style that inspired you, we’d love to know? Here’s what our Videographer and Creative director loved about their mom’s

Our Videographer’s Mom

“This is my favorite photo of my mom – she was and is the most important thing in my life.
I wouldn’t be who I am without the love and knowledge and wisdom she’s shared with me.

Her favorite store when she was a teenager was a tiny shack at the end of an alley that sold jeans, jewelry and essential oils… I think that’s why I love denim and rings and patchouli!”

And our Creative Director’s Mom:

In the 70’s my mother had a very androgynous look she never wore dresses really,  she always wore a fitted tuxedo for formal occasions. She definitely stood out but in a very elegant way and still managed to be very feminine at the same time. In this particular shot I love her hat. She wears a hat quite easily still to this day, I can go vintage shopping with her and I can put maybe a 10 gallon cowboy hat on her head and she somehow pulls it off mainly because she doesn’t care. She will have serious conversations with strangers while wearing a huge hat and I love this about her because I could never do it,  I feel too self conscious”


  1. Love this post!! I think this should be a re-occuring post – its so inspirational! On a separate topic, what happened to Style Files? We haven’t seen one of those in a while. They were awesome :)

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