Solange’s New Video Is The Ultimate Mood Lifter

Whether it’s the catchiness of the song or the nostalgic beat, Solange’s new song “Losing You” is happily stuck in our heads. I love when artists take seemingly sad topics and put them to music that still manages to make you feel good. With this song, Solange transports us to a happy, carefree mindset. It’s almost impossible not to dance. Watch the video below and see if you agree. What do you listen to when you want to lift your spirits?


Video via YouTube



  1. I love the song. It’s uncanny how much she looks like Beyonce. Almost feels like I’m watching a younger, reinvented B. I’m diggin’ her style.

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  3. You guys should listen too The Girl by city and colour. It always makes me happy. It has been my favorite song forever. I dont get tired of it no matter how many times I listen.

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