How To Transition Your Favorite Summer Accessory Into A Fall Essential

UPDATE: This originally ran on August the 7th but we thought we’d bring it back as we are still trying to hold on to our summer favorites.

When it comes to fall I hate letting go of all my pretty summer dresses, it’s so hard for me to do. I try and get every last wear out of them until it just doesn’t work against the cold/grey skies anymore. When it starts to get a little chilly there are 3 essential things I keep in mind for making the most out of my favorite summer pieces.

One: Wear a lightweight scarf around your neck to keep off a little chill. You can drape them around your summery shirts and dresses.

Product:Denim Pullover, Astral Scarf, Leather Fringe Scarf


Two: If you have cute summer dresses and tunics you just can’t let go of, try teaming them with pants and boots to give them a fall edge.

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Three: Layer with lightweight jackets to cover the bare shoulders revealed by a summer dress that you just love too much. It might just give it a new appeal.

Product: Aurora Maxi Dress, Tapestry Moto Jacket, Quilted Vegan Leather Jacket

Don’t let your summer pieces die too soon when it starts to get a little chilly, revive them with these easy tips!

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