DIY: Mason Jar Sewing Kit

UPDATE: This post originally ran on September 19th 2012 but we wanted to share it again because these would make amazing gifts for the holiday season!

I never thought I’d say this, but a sewing kit is something that I always like to have on hand.  You never know when you might need to fix an article of clothing, re-sew a button on a shirt, patch up a hole, etc.  I never like the sewing kits that can be purchased in stores though – they usually come in flimsy plastic containers that break easily.  Enter the ever-useful mason jar! Mason jars can be turned into adorable little sewing kits that are great for your workspace or as gifts and party favors for friends.

mason jar sewing kit

What you need: an empty mason jar (with a lid), fabric, cotton filling, a glue gun, and whatever you choose to put inside your sewing kit. I got my mason jar from AC Moore.

mason jar sewing kit

Start by making your pin cushion. Take out the lid of the mason jar and cut a circle of fabric that is about an inch wider around than the lid.

mason jar sewing kit

Take your fabric and using the hot glue gun, glue it to the bottom rim of the mason jar lid, scrunching up the fabric as you go, as pictured above. Leave a small opening to insert the cotton filling, and once you’ve filled the pin cushion, glue the opening shut.

mason jar sewing kit

mason jar sewing kit

Place the lid back inside the metal ring that screws onto the Mason jar. Your pin cushion is finished! Your sewing kit is now ready to be filled.

mason jar sewing kit

This is the fun part, because you can customize the sewing kit depending on who will be using it. For this one, I included some crochet doilies and fabric scraps, scissors, measuring tape, thread, buttons, a thimble, some lace trim and studs.

mason jar sewing kit

Add special touches to your sewing kit – I put the studs in a little apothecary bottle and wrapped the lace trim around an old wine cork.

mason jar sewing kit

mason jar sewing kit

I love the idea of making these as party favors or thank you gifts, or even stocking stuffers come holiday season! Add a little note and tie it around the sewing kit with a piece of ribbon.

mason jar sewing kit

Photos by Julia.

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I love this diy!! Great gift idea

Thanks for this idea! Will definitely give it a try!

great idea!!!

DIY and more:

Thanks for sharing this great idea of yours! I love the final product! It’s so cute!

where can I buy mason jars in China ??


I don’t know if anyone else has tried this, but I just did it today with a nice plaid pattern and the fabric bunched underneath the lid is too thick for the jar to close…which makes sense I guess, since mason jars are designed to be air tight. Just a warning to those who attempt this DIY. It’s really cute but a little disappointing because it doesn’t close. That being said, anyone have any tips to prevent this?


Chiling, I just made one and it sounds like the fabric you used is just too thick. Mine closes just fine.

a good and useful idea!!!

My daughter would love to make this cute homemade sewing kit! Thanks for the fun idea!