Holiday Gift Guide For Ginger

Our third gift guide is for Ginger – the confident and sexy Free People girl.  She loves body-conscious items and accessories that will bring a little sparkle and shine to her look. Here’s a list of gifts she’s sure to love!

Seamless Sweetheart Cami – This cami is a perfect layering piece, and can be worn on its own with shorts or a high-waisted skirt in summer!

Adorned iPhone 4 Case – This iPhone case, with its fun rhinestones and embellishments, screams Ginger!

Santa Maria Cross Pendant – A statement necklace that goes with everything.

Printed Low Back Top – Another great piece for layering or on its own with its sexy low back!

Drip Candles – These drip candles are a great stocking stuffer and will help set a cozy holiday mood at home.

Silky Velvet Lounge Short – These soft, sweet shorts are the perfect piece to wear when lounging around at home during the holidays.

Free People Polish – Ginger will love our polish in its sparkly, metallic shades like “petrol” and “gun metal.”

Crochet Ear Muffs – The cutest way to keep your ears warm!

Printed Cosmetics Case – These adorable cases are just the right size to hold your essential items when on the go.

Queen Of Hearts Cuff – Ginger is the queen of hearts and she’ll love this metal cuff!

Low Raw Crystal Soap – This soap is a perfect stocking stuffer – it looks and smells amazing :).

Ruffle Satin Ankle Sock – These sweet, shimmery ankle socks are just Ginger’s style.

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For more gift ideas visit our Holiday Boutiques.

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8 years ago


8 years ago

Great gifts. Also for Christmas. Thanks for sharing ideas.

8 years ago

I really dislike the use of these archetypes to classify clothes. I get the purpose, but dividing women into stereotypes is overdone and harmful. It’s done all the time in popular culture. Women are either a fox, or innocent, or athletic, etc, but aren’t allowed to cross the lines in between. We can’t be all of the above, we are forced into boxes. So sick of it and disappointed in FP for perpetuating female stereotypes.

8 years ago

Can you do this again this holiday season?