Free People Horoscopes, December 31 – January 6

By Tracy Allen.


capricorn star sign illustrationCAPRICORN

December 22–January 19

When mobile Mars in your self-worth zone clicks with liberating Uranus in your family angle and open-minded Jupiter in your colleagues house this week, let prudent, self-assured action do the talking at home and at work. It could facilitate much-needed progress in those areas. However, verbal Mercury joins the strong-willed sun and forceful Pluto in your sign now and links with authoritative Saturn in your group sector, tempting you to talk and empowering your words. Use them judiciously, avoiding manipulation and condescension—a necessary caution when Pluto and Saturn are involved. Thinking and speaking with great passion and serious intent are the upside of this configuration, but beware of bulldozing. And if you’re unsure of the effect that your language is having on others, channel your passion into concrete rumination on how you’ll make your dreams a reality in 2013.

aquarius star sign illustration



January 20–February 18

As thinker Mercury enters your subconscious sector, you may become more introspective, but with active Mars in your sign, you’re still on the go. Mercury sparks with your ruling planet—irregular Uranus—in your cognition zone, suggesting that you may change your mind based on a hunch or new info coming to light. It will be tough to reconcile everything going on in your head with everything going on around you, but try not to overreact to the cacophony. You may be able to get at something now that’s been hidden in your psyche, and your intuition about career goals is on target. But your outward energy will be best spent on creative or recreational activity, community, siblings and romance.

pisces star sign illustration


February 19–March 20

With go-go-go Mars hiding out in your seclusion sector and synchronizing with enthusiastic Jupiter in your domestic angle, you may be wildly excited at the prospect of staying home this week. And you’ll probably be happy and productive there. But to be productive in other areas of life, you need to put yourself in the right place at the right time, with the right people. Chatty Mercury is heading into your networking zone and forming a fortuitous angle with yearning Neptune in your sign. That spells a golden opportunity to align yourself with contacts who support your dreams. But you’ll need to leave the house to put yourself in their path. The danger now is to undermine your ambition with passivity or uncertainty. Power attracts power, so for now, fake confidence if you have to in order to draw to you the very people who will help you grow more sure of where you’re headed.


aries star sign illustration


March 21–April 19

As Mercury crosses your ambition angle, your mind turns to goals—good timing for New Year’s resolutions. Mercury is gelling with clairvoyant Neptune in your intuition sector, so trust your sixth sense when it comes to what to aim for and what to leave in the past. This cerebral planet proceeds to quarrel and concur with half the solar system throughout the week, adding complexity to the task of resolution making. Don’t let impulses or grandiosity drive your dreams for the coming year. Rather, discipline, patience, research and a genuine determination to change yourself and your standing should empower you. Identify likeminded people who inspire you, and let their example help you to shift gears and look to the future. Being part of a group now will fire you up with a sense of freedom and possibility.

taurus star sign illustration


April 20–May 20

Mental Mercury slips into your study sector this week, inciting you to learn something new, while its hookup with boundaryless Neptune in your humanity house further suggests that exposing your mind to a foreign culture will gift you with a sense of unity. Given Mercury’s various run-ins with other planets, you’d be well advised to focus on educating yourself and sharing revelations with others, not on preaching values. You can glean powerful lessons that may even have a positive impact on your work or relationships. The trick is to seek a fresh perspective wherever you go and whomever you encounter now. Get the most out of your interpersonal exchanges by searching for new truths that enable you to see the world a different way.


gemini star sign illustration


May 21–June 20

When your ruling planet Mercury arrives in your depth sector this week, that’s your cue to investigate, research, dig—leave no stone unturned in your head. Thoroughness in thinking and planning can reap rewards in your career and your status. And if you’re pursuing a socially conscious goal, committed focused work should pay off now. At the same time, you’ll need to make use of your Gemini duality, because the planets are operating on two tracks for the moment. While you’re methodically working solo or with one partner towards a current objective, you may also be able to rally the troops with your enthusiasm for the next thing. Bold action and quick teamwork could be effective in tandem with your other, more in-depth efforts. You’ve been wishing for a while that you could get people on board with you, so seize the opportunity now. But be super flexible so you can switch tracks when you need to.


cancer star sign illustration


June 21–July 22

Mercury joins the sun and Pluto in conservative Capricorn this week, congregating in your partnership angle and coaxing you to depend on others. Mercury forms such a mix of harmonious and harsh angles to other planets, though, that it makes it difficult to discern in what way collaboration will be most beneficial. Alliances will have more of a slow-and-steady feel than you might want, given the changes that you’re hoping for in your professional life. It may take some time for you to trust what you stand to gain from other people. Relationships have the ability to transform and empower you, and in turn, that can mobilize your career. Forming strategic partnerships, doing your due diligence and utilizing joint resources are all smart moves now.


leo star sign illustration


July 23–August 22

With the sun—your ruling planet—and potent Pluto already in your regimen zone, you’re on the brink of a New Year’s health-habits overhaul. When brainy Mercury joins them this week, it’s time to formulate a plan. How can you increase your wellness and improve your diet-and-fitness routines? Think long-term change, not quick fix. For instance, opt for meatless Mondays all year instead of a one-week juice cleanse. And with doer Mars in your relationship angle, you may want to recruit a workout companion or swap nutritious recipes with family and friends. Also, considering that Mercury is a mental planet, don’t forget about your psychological wellbeing and the role it plays in your overall health!



virgo star sign illustration


August 23–September 22

Your sign likes to plan ahead in order to get a sense of control over the future. You want to be able to anticipate problems beforehand and come up with fixes. Analyzing potential situations and outcomes is second nature to you. But when your ruling planet dips into your house of pleasure this week, you must make sure to factor joy into your scheme for 2013. Creativity and love should absolutely make it onto your list of priorities, especially with the sweet dance Mercury’s doing with romantic Neptune in your relationship angle now. An object of affection is of the utmost importance, and if you’re lacking a human one, don’t let that hinder you one bit. Fall for the fruits of your creativity or for a new recreational hobby or for a new idea that you’re bursting to bring to fruition this year.

libra star sign illustration





September 23–October 22

Although you’ll have chances to play, socialize and perhaps travel this week, you’ll reap the benefits if you turn part of your attention to matters closer to home. Whether it’s related to your family, domestic life or personal history, something—likely an emotional issue—is ripe for healing. Proper reflection will help you get to the bottom of it, and don’t be afraid of delving into the past to find answers. Cerebral Mercury’s meet-up with deep Pluto connotes penetrating insights for those who seek them. And if you take sincere action based on what you’re figuring out, a different outlook and a rejuvenated relationship are possible outcomes. Being honest with yourself about how you’re feeling and acting from the heart will go a long way this week.


scorpio star sign illustration


October 23–November 21

Mover-and-shaker Mars—your coruling planet—is in your home angle, while verbal Mercury enters your mentality zone to join Pluto—your other coruler—and the sun. Both your actions and your words are emphasized this week, though they may prove difficult to sync up. That’s because Mercury and Mars aren’t getting along with the same planets or with each other. You could find it easier to communicate with children and love interests than with adult family members and coworkers now. But if you perform an act of faith with family and forego hashing things out, you’ll enhance trust. A spontaneous service will also improve family relations. In addition, Mercury’s link to profound Pluto and serious Saturn in your sign will enable you to speak with gravitas and clarity. As long as what you do and say has integrity behind it, you’ll fare well this week.



sagittarius star sign illustration


November 22–December 21

With energizing Mars in your community-and-communication sector, your daily life is full of rendezvous and conversations. Because of Mars’ assertive nature, a heated debate with a sibling, neighbor or someone else you’re accustomed to running into is a distinct possibility. You’re happy to be out and about now, socializing one-on-one with a friend or date. But with savvy Mercury’s entry into your financial zone, you need to give some thought to how much your lifestyle is costing you and what budgetary changes you could make. Mercury’s harmonious meeting with idealistic Neptune in your home angle implies that your brainpower may be best focused on real estate. Are you paying higher rent than you can afford? Or is it time to get serious about saving to buy a place? Resolve to take smart financial steps this year.


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Top image by Ellen Rogers.


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Denise Schultz
10 years ago

Very nice art work to accompany the horoscopes.A must
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Seems like the perfect fit for Free People! Enjoyed it!