Winter Cabin Wanderlust

As winter sinks in, I normally long for a vacation somewhere warm and tropical…but this year, I’ve got cabins on my mind. Cozy winter cabins that can only be reached by dirt roads, with no electricity and a fireplace to keep me warm.  Frosty windowpanes that look out into trees as far as the eye can see, rustic decor, and lots of blankets to wrap myself in…snuggling up with the one I love and a cup of hot chocolate, just enjoying the peace and quiet and beauty of nature. I’ve been gathering some cabin inspiration and maybe one day I’ll have my own… until then I can dream. If you could go anywhere this winter, what would your dream vacation be?

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winter cabin inspiration

winter cabin inspiration

winter cabin inspiration

winter cabin inspiration

winter cabin inspiration

winter cabin inspiration

A cabin on wheels! How amazing would this be?

winter cabin inspiration

winter cabin inspiration

winter cabin inspiration

winter cabin inspiration

winter cabin inspiration

More travel inspiration from the BLDG 25 Blog.

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I will be going to Costa Rica in the Spring…can’t wait!

My body is yearning for some sun & the ocean…<3


My boyfriend is in Costa Rica right now! lol. Weird.


I will be in Washington D.C. for Christmas and am very excited about that. I might be in the Austin, TX area for spring break.


A winter cabin sounds delightful! My bf is visiting from Singapore (haven’t seen him in months), which is more than I could ask for <3


I visited Costa Rica in April, that place is beautiful! I want to visit Thailand, Greece, Italy, & England!


Oh, Narnia for sure!!


I live in the countryside (place withheld ;)) and its romantic during winter ( sledding, skiing, walks, baking , fire, etc.)….but isn’t too romantic when a blizzard comes in….your water pipes freeze and burst due to not properly heating the house….chopping fire wood and hauling it in….You better hope your firewood is dry ( it takes 3 years to dry) otheriwse it won’t burn. lol…sorry to burts your bubble….but reality is more beautiful than dreamy wishful thinking. from a city mouse turned country mouse ….. =)


I want snow…… so bad. For some reason, this year I desperately want it to snow, but I have to travel for it and have seen it maybe 3 times my entire life. So I’m still dreaming of a white Christmas.

I am living my dream vacation, traveling from ski area to ski area with my cabin on wheels. Last winter we traveled all over British Columbia and the Western U.S. with the cabin. This year we’re in Washington, near Mt. Baker, and waiting to move where the snow goes. Here’s a video put together from my journal entries during last year’s trip:


I wish our family had a cabin… would be a dream


We have a cabin in the snow at a small ski resort. We spend every Christmas there, it’s magical- skiing on Christmas Day and then coming in for egg nog and apres ski with friends!