A Little Dutch Dictionary

Whenever I travel to different countries where the language is new to me, I always want to know the fundamental core words to make my life easier and to not be ignorant to the culture I’m visiting. I always make it a habit to carry with me a small book of words I need to know.

As our January Catalog was shot in Amsterdam, we thought we’d give you some key Dutch words you should know.  So, if you’re going to Amsterdam sometime soon, print these cute little words out and carry them in your pocket. It will help you a ton, I promise!

dutch dictionary

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  1. Ik hou van ♥ FP ♥ Waren de taxen niet zo hoog, ik besteld elke maand =)
    Nu wacht ik achter de solden zodat het allemaal betaalbaar blijft.
    groeten uit Belgie (Gent)

    I love ♥FP ♥ Were the taxes not so high, I ordered every month =)
    Now I wait behind the sales so it all stay payable.
    greetings from Belgium (Ghent)

  2. Grea idea!
    I am surprised the words or phrases for the following were not on your list:

    Where is the toilet? Where can I get food? More beer please. Thank you!

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