We Love Overalls!

There’s something so cute about overalls, I’m not sure whether it’s their young, playful feel or that they remind me of work-wear. Whenever I see a girl in denim work-wear like baggy boyfriend jeans or overalls it puts a smile on my face. They remind me of painting around the house or gardening, getting your hands dirty and being free. The overall has come a long way since the work-wear days, now they are seen on fashion runways, on celebrities, and on girls everywhere in different and unique fashionable ways.

Dressed up or down, this little fun garment has become a must-have in everyone’s wardrobe. We love how they create fun bike riding outfits, too, like in our January Catalog. Below is one of my favorite overall looks for spring, fun and easy!

we love overalls

Product: Cross Over Distressed Overall, Ex Boyfriend Tee, Moonrise Pendant , Ikat Embroidery Baseball Cap, Retro Classic Sneaker

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love overalls…my favorite are a vintage pair of stripe white & blue men’s…


I adore overalls and love that fp does too! Just recently bought myself 2 pairs from a vintage market. Love from South Africa


I really like the idea of overalls. I haven’t worn them since I was little, but I feel like the right pair (like above) would be seriously cute!

I have also make a post about overalls! I love them!They are so unique!check it out!


Overalls are such a cute and stylish choice for girls! Their practicality and comfort make this trend smart and cool. A great option is Carhartt WR008 Women’s Washed Denim Overalls – their classic fit and unparalled quality make these the perfect choice!


women in overalls with canvas sneakers is a really cute look

Anonymous man

Do women like to see man wearing overalls as much as we men like to see women wear them?