Meet Our ‘Win Your Wish List’ Winner!

Meet Kati, from Eureka, Nevada, the winner of the ‘Win Your Wish List’ contest that we held over the holiday season! We chatted with Kati because we were dying to know if her wish list was everything she hoped it would be. Read our interview below, and if you’d like to be a lucky winner yourself, make sure you enter our current contest, FP Freewheelin!

What was your first thought when you found out you’d won?

No way!  I never win anything and have terrible luck. The odds for me to win were too long. Hahaha, sweet!

What does being free mean to you?

Being free means being happy with the choices I have made. Last March, my husband and I lost a baby when I was seven months pregnant, and that taught me more than anything that I do not have control over everything in life. I am still struggling with trying to not feel guilt over something I couldn’t do anything to change.  Being free means being willing to change and grow and admit mistakes, so that I do not feel guilt about things over which I do have control.

How has Free People influenced your personal style?

I love Free People clothing.  I love the small details, the embroidery, beading, crotchet that make the clothes different and special. I love how the clothes fit, especially since I am long-waisted.  Everywhere I go, I get asked where I bought my clothes.


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