Beauty DIY: Easy Smoke Swirl Nails

Have you guys seen our homepage this week, Smoke Signals? I love the moodiness of the images and the edgy product featured in the shoot – lived in tees, tie-dye, fishnet and shades of black and gray give this trend a smokin’ attitude.  Without even planning to, we came up with some awesome nail art that fits this trend perfectly – smoke nails! The style is somewhat similar to marble nails but features two colors… and we found a far easier way to achieve it!

smoke nail art

What you need: two shades of polish (we liked how white and a dark, deep blue looked for this design), and any type of object with a pointy end. We used a coffee stirrer!

smoke nail art

Unscrew the caps on your polish so you will be able to apply the two colors quickly.

smoke nail art

Apply one color to each side of the nail – be generous with the polish, you’ll want it to be slightly runny.

smoke nail art

Immediately take the pointed object and make a swirling motion where the two colors meet to create a smoke effect.

smoke nail art

smoke nail art

Repeat this process on each nail!

smoke nail art

smoke nail art

More nail art we love!

Shop Smoke Signals.

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that is soo cool!

Ah love these – definitely gonna try this out!

beautiful nails!!!!



I tried this… warning not as easy at it looks! Still cool though, thanks for the amazing idea!!


Loved it!!!! With practice you can put your own spin on the swirls

Tried these out and they looked awesome and were super easy to do! Here’s a pic:


I tried thus and loved it!!! But a good tip is to use a watery paint for at least one of them, or it will be much harder to get the swirled effect


They look so cool! I’ll find out if it works when I try it!!!