Loving Valentine’s Day, Whatever Your Status

It seems to me that Valentine’s Day is a holiday that’s either loved or despised by any given person. In my experience, many of those who are part of the latter group are there for the same reason: they’re not currently in a relationship. It’s not that they aren’t genuinely happy for those who get to spend the day with the love of their lives, it’s just that the day shines a brighter light on the fact that these people don’t have that special someone to enjoy this love-centered holiday with. Or any holiday. Or any day for that matter.

I happen to love Valentine’s Day, even though I’m not currently in a relationship. To tell you the truth, I’ve spent most of my Valentine’s Days as a single girl. It’s certainly a bittersweet day, but I’d rather focus on the sweet, and I hope that you would, too. We all love the idea of love, and it’s sometimes hard to be happy for two people who share something that we want nothing more than to experience for ourselves, but it’s all in how we look at it.

My younger sister has been with her boyfriend for almost 3 years. They’re one of the silliest, sweetest, cutest, happiest, most loving couples I know, and when I think about their relationship, I kind of want to cry. It’s not that I’m choked up over not being in a similar situation, it’s completely separate from that. I kind of want to cry because I just love the two of them so freaking much and I am so incredibly happy that they’ve found each other – especially so early in life. Being able to see the amount of love in that relationship alone makes Valentine’s Day a happy day for me. It also keeps alive my faith in love, and has me aspiring to grow up to be just like them.

Okay, so it’s Valentine’s Day and you’re happy for your loved ones and their relationships. But you’re still single. What are you supposed to do? Anything. Everything! Whatever you want!

I love the vibe that can be felt on Valentine’s Day. You can actually feel the specialness in the air throughout the day – so go with it. Give yourself the mission to make people happy that day, starting with yourself. It’s oftentimes the tiniest things that have the hugest impact. Start the day by making yourself a heart-shaped breakfast, and then put on a pretty little dress.

Heart-shaped Bread

Free People Valentine's Day Dress

Go on a hunt for the prettiest flower you can find. Buy a whole bunch and give one to each of your single friends. If you have any left over, give them out to strangers! If a stranger handed me a flower on Valentine’s Day, it would bring the hugest smile to my face.

Red Flower Petal Heart

Make a list of things you love and carry it with you all day long. Writing these things down will put you in a loving mood, and carrying the list around will help keep you there all day!

List of Love

When nighttime comes, keep the momentum going! Get together with all of your single friends and cook dinner together. While you eat, it would be fun to go around the table and have everyone name one way that one of their past relationships has helped shape them into the person they are today.  After dinner, you could all go to a bar to hang out and enjoy a few drinks. Don’t go with the intention of meeting a potential mate – it’s not fair to put that pressure on yourself. Just go to hang out and be with your friends! But who knows, you may just meet the love of your life. :)

Last year I wanted to go out on Valentine’s night but didn’t have any single friends to meet up with, so I met up with a guy I’d been exchanging messages with on an online dating site! (Don’t worry, we hung out in a well-lit public place and I never told him my real name. Just kidding about that second part). I brought with me silly Valentine’s Day paraphernalia like temporary heart tattoos and little stamps shaped like conversation hearts. We didn’t end up happily ever after, but it was so much fun to make a new friend and act a little ridiculous, all in the name of Valentine’s Day.

So, if you find yourself hating on Valentine’s Day year after year, try to take a bit of a different approach this year. Don’t look at the day so seriously, and just have fun. Love is a beautiful thing, and by changing the way you look at it, you might find that it’s been waiting for you all along.

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8 years ago

I love Valentines Day, but my bf’s mom passed away last Vday. So… I’ve been celebrating on my own in secret- by sending out homemade valentines to my friends, stocking up on heart candies at home, and making v-day treats for my girls. On Vday, I won’t be celebrating, I will be with the bf and his family, but I know that I lived it up as much as I can. Love all these cute ideas!

8 years ago

I was dreading Valentines day until I concocted a plan to watch Blue Valentine and if it’s too sad I’ll watch Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown? and eat red fruits, veggies and drinks (strawberries, tomatoes, pomegranates, radishes, cranberries, raspberries and cranberry juice)! This adds to the day! Thanks for helping the single and the dating on Valentine’s day! <3 Love FP!

8 years ago

Hi Brigette,
I seriously love your posts! You have the cutest ideas and I like that you add a bit of your personal life into them, it makes them fun to read.
Love the idea of handing out flowers to friends and strangers. I’m handing out handmade heart shaped tea bags to my single friends and writing “you’re just my cup of tea”!

8 years ago

I’ve resolved to make Valentine’s Day a family celebration in our household. No more focus on the pressure of making everything perfect or romantic. We will be eating cupcakes after a surf and turf dinner and we bought the Paper Heart DVD to watch with our little one before bed. Planning to decorate the dining room with hearts and red crepe paper. xoxo

8 years ago

I like V-day! But don’t necessarily have to celebrate it with a boy.

Come check out the Homemade Tea I made for all my Valentines this year.


8 years ago

Love the optimism and positivity in this post, so refreshing! Thank you for bringing the fun back into Valentine’s Day!

8 years ago

I now love V day and can now with a smile remember my most shocking V-day date: the guy I was completely in love with finally asked me out! At the restaurant, I tried to pick mid range as we were both poor students. But he went for the most expensive option, with fine wine and spirits. When it was time to pay, I expected to split the bill, when he said, lovingly, looking into my eyes…”Eeeeeh, I’m a bit broke, love”. Needless to say, he cheated on me too!
In any case, now I am in a very happy relationship but for me V day is not necessarily about romantic love but also love between friends; I always send my best friends little valentine’s gifts….

tara stackhouse thornton
8 years ago

Happy V-Day to every one person who doesn’t have a special
Someone …..I don’t love valentines day but it isn’t
The worste either….love can go many different ways
………Love love love to love ya

8 years ago

What is the sweater with the cute sleeves above?

8 years ago

Such a lovely post Brigette! Thanks and Happy Valentine’s <3

8 years ago

Pullover L/sleeve Crew-Neck …. cashmere look-like , Quality is good…!!!