Free People Horoscopes, February 25 – March 3

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By Tracy Allen

pisces star sign illustration


February 19–March 20

Empathic Fish are prone to picking up on others’ emotions, a trait that proves useful this week when a touchy full moon shines in your relationship angle, drawing your attention to someone else’s feelings. Although you’ve got a lot going on at home that could make one more thing seem too overwhelming to deal with, a mature outlook and an attitude of compassionate acceptance will help. With Venus entering Pisces, half the planets are now in your sign, so it’s natural to focus on you—your creativity, your spirituality, your dreams, your drive, your desire. It’s easy to get lost in deep longing this week, and fuzzy thinking could fuel your actions. But your connections to people are evolving, and an awareness of the dynamics of give-and-take is important. You can draw people in psychically right now, so respect the gravity of that power and work with it on as high a level as you can.

aries star sign illustration


March 21–April 19

If you’re paying attention, something useful could come to light this week when the full moon glows in your duties sector. It may dawn on you that your job, your health, your habits, your skills or your efficiency isn’t passing muster. How might your problems in these areas trace back to unrealistic thinking, your impulsive streak and your predilection for autonomy? Working on trust issues and committing to the concept of collaboration can help you to improve the situation. Your goals are undergoing a noticeable transformation, but insecurity and a vague longing nag at you. It’s easy to snap without meaning to when verbal Mercury runs into feisty Mars in your unconscious zone, so try to keep an eye on any anger that bubbles up. Put your energy into working behind the scenes to benefit your standing in the world, and trust your gut when it comes to a close relationship.

taurus star sign illustration


April 20–May 20

Your need for romantic or artistic fulfillment becomes patently clear when the full moon lights up your love-and-creativity house this week. But the moon’s clash with generous Jupiter in your worth sector suggests that you may have bet too much on a particular person or project. If you don’t let your urge to cut and run get the best of you, you have a chance to get serious about your relationships and to adopt a more empowered philosophy about your future. You’re somewhat unsure about whom you fit in with and what people think of you, but don’t let that snowball into a conflict over values and don’t let your desire to be at one with others make you feel vulnerable. You’re growing more aware of how you come across, and you need to take what you bring to the table seriously.

gemini star sign illustration 2


May 21–June 20

Jupiter in your sign spars with the full moon in your roots angle this week, so family drama, memories, a parent’s needs or your private feelings may be at odds with your upbeat attitude and your busyness. Staying home and getting grounded in the details of what you’re trying to accomplish is the best plan of attack under these circumstances. This time is less about having fun with friends and fantasizing about future greatness than it is about doing good, effective work. Though it may not be readily apparent, your appeal translates to higher-ups now. It’s easy to take on too much and get swept up in grand plans for success, but applying intense efforts in key areas that you know deep down are essential is the way to go.

cancer star sign illustration


June 21–July 22

Your thoughts and feelings are all jumbled together this week, as the sensitive full moon lights up your cognition-and-communication sector, and you may uncover information that makes you overly optimistic or impatient for career success. You want to believe in fantasies about your future, because it seems vaguely uncertain at times. But an influential person in your life can help you to distinguish between faith and illusion and to feel the ground beneath your feet. Although you sense a pull to express your emotions, Mercury’s retrograde period makes that a challenge, and Mercury’s meet-up with aggressive Mars ups the chances of coming on too strong. Even if life feels a bit heavy now, it’s important to understand that love and happiness can take work. With that in mind, try to envision your dreams becoming real.

leo star sign illustration


July 23–August 22

What do you need in order to feel secure? Are you expecting too much from other people when you can count on yourself to build a strong foundation for your future? A full moon in your worth sector faces off against several planets in your shared-resources zone and battles excessive Jupiter in your affiliations house this week, posing such questions. You want more freedom and fast change, but slowly growing your skills and applying your efforts diligently are essential. You’re becoming more powerful and useful, so try not to focus on what others are going to provide. Part of you wants to get lost in a relationship, but it’s all too easy to delude yourself now. Work on separating your stuff (figurative and literal) from that of others, and be honest about what’s you and what’s not. It’s worth the risk to share deeply. However, you need to know where you leave off and they begin.

virgo star sign illustration


August 23–September 22

The temperamental full moon in your no-nonsense sign conflicts with a handful of planets in dreamy Pisces in your relationship house and grandiose Jupiter in your ambition angle, intensifying your feelings and causing them to ricochet between pragmatism and idealism. Find your center by asking yourself what you need to feel comfortable and solid. You’re aiming so high in your career and feeling unsure about someone, but your serious mindset can ground you, while your evolving creativity can empower you. An overwhelming yearning to attain something beyond your grasp could lead to sharp words with a person close to you.  Try to find a healthy balance between an urge for romantic love and a mature, committed view of relationships.

libra star sign illustration


September 23–October 22

Repressed feelings come to a head this week, when the emotional full moon shines its light in your subconscious sector. Idealizing the future, searching for the truth and preaching your opinion could all goad your feelings. Given the unpredictability of others and uncertainty about your vocation, listen to your intuition about building up your resources, finding the most meaningful use for your time and transforming your home life. If you’re feeling conflicted about what’s next for you, get back to basics like valuing your time and your health. The fantasy of perfect work may serve to tell you more about what it is you want, even if it doesn’t materialize instantaneously. Although you sense a void in your day-to-day life now, you are building up your own security by continuing to work hard.

scorpio star sign illustration


October 23–November 21

A full moon in your network zone beckons you to look at what you need from your associations with others. Something with a group reaches a point of completion, or you may need to attend to a commotion among friends. Your ideals about trust and loyalty could be exacerbating the situation, but you have an opportunity to find the common thread between what you’re striving for and what the people you associate with can do for you. If your work or your habits seem all over the place, that’s probably not helping. You’re aching to express yourself romantically and/or artistically and quite possibly feeling unsure of the who, what, when and where. Let your growing take-charge attitude propel you forward, and though you may come off as a little too fired up at the moment, you’ll be taken seriously for what you have to offer personally and professionally.

sagittarius star sign illustration


November 22–December 21

A professional goal may come to fruition this week when a full moon lights up your ambition angle, or you might have to deal with drama at work that forces you to see your career situation more clearly. With expectant Jupiter—your ruling planet—in your partnership house, there’s a danger of hoping for too much from someone else and overestimating what contribution they’ll make to your success. You’re better off working quietly and efficiently behind the scenes now and trying not to expect instant creative fulfillment from your efforts. A desire to fill some void at home or a longing connected with family or a childhood wound plays tug-of-war with your aspirations. With this tension between your personal and professional lives, it’s crucial to get in touch with both sides of yourself and honor the complexity of emotions.

capricorn star sign illustration


December 22–January 19

The full moon in your vision sector puts strong feelings about your future in the spotlight, feelings that are exacerbated by an urge for freedom in your work. And although the disequilibrium of your family or home life is skewing your perspective, it’s not about breaking free right now. It’s still about the nitty-gritty of planning and networking and maintaining a Zen mindset that allows you to trust you’ll get to the next level eventually. The moon shines a light on the blossoming truth about your growth and empowerment, making it tempting to overreach in your head. And the intensity of wanting what you want may cause you to feel like you’re drowning or drifting along on a wave of expectations. But if you get back to the basics of what you’re slowly working towards and rein in any delusions that might seep into your brain now, you’ll stay on track.

aquarius star sign illustration


January 20–February 18

You’re able to see the truth of what you’re getting from a partnership and whether or not it’s what you really need when a full moon shines in your sharing sector this week. This reality may contrast sharply with your hopes for personal fulfillment and your sometimes impatient thought process. On the other hand, it may be in sync with your long-term goals and the changes you’re going through on a very personal level. Does this current insight into sharing tell you anything about insecurity over finances or a desire to fill a void in your confidence? You might be tempted to spend too much money now in an attempt to self-soothe. But being more realistic about your assets will ultimately make you more secure. Pleasure and money don’t necessarily mesh well at the moment, but believe it or not, if you’re brutally honest with yourself, you’ll feel better.


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