DIY: How To Make Rose Water

UPDATE: This post originally ran on January 31st 2013, but with Spring around the corner we wanted to share it again!

Valentine’s Day is just a couple of weeks away and it’s a time to show the special people in your life how much you love them…but it’s also a great time to pamper yourself! Loving and taking care of yourself is always important, and this DIY will help you do just that. Rose water was first made by chemists in the Islamic Golden Age as a perfume and beverage, and in the years since it has become quite popular for a number of uses.   Most commonly it is used as a toner or body spray for the skin – the natural fragrance and moisturizing properties make it especially refreshing. It can also be used to flavor certain dishes, or added to lemonade for a delicious summer beverage. Make a batch and keep some for yourself, and bottle the rest up as gifts for your friends and loved ones!

how to make rose water

What You Need

  • Fresh roses
  • A large pot
  • Distilled water
  • Optional: A heat-safe bowl
    • This is only necessary if you want to make pure rose water 

How to Make Homemade Rose Water

There are a couple of ways to make rose water.  There’s the old fashioned way, which I did, or there’s a slightly more complicated process.  For that process you will also need a heat-safe bowl.

how to make rose water

1. Pluck the petals from the roses – you won’t need the bulb or stems. The fresher your roses are, the better your results will be. If you can cut your own roses, that would be your best bet. If you must buy them from a store (like I did) rinse the petals in some cool water to get rid of any potential chemicals.

how to make rose water

2. Place the rose petals in a large pot and fill with just enough distilled water to cover the rose petals. Too much water will dilute the rose water.

how to make rose water

3. Cover with a lid and let simmer until the petals lose their color. For pure rose water, place the heat safe bowl on top of the petals, and cover the pot with a lid. As the petals simmer, steam will collect on the lid of the pot and drip into the bowl, which is pure rose water. The old fashioned method that I use is still effective but the rose water just might not be as pure.

how to make rose water

4. Once the petals lose their color, drain the liquid into a jar – this is your rose water!

how to make rose water

5. Store in a cool place and give your skin a spritz whenever you need a sweet and refreshing little pick me up!

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Photos by Julia.


  1. So is it safe to use any type of rose?? Thos is such a cool DIY project thank you so much! I absolutely love rose water!!!

  2. My great grandmother used to make her own rose water, and she would add in a bit of boric acid, for preserving. I think I’m going to make some right now!

  3. It is necessary to use organic or non sprayed roses. The pesticides cannon be rinsed off with cool water.
    Fun project!
    I would also advise storing in the fridge for freshness!

  4. I just ran out of rose water toner today and thought…I bet I can make this stuff. Thanks for this! It’s also a very refreshing drink.

  5. Wow!! This is so awesome I have been searching for rose water to buy in stores and can’t seem to find it. I have to share the best mint tea recipe. My favorite resturant here in Portland, OR Marrakesh a Moroccan resturant gave it to me. Just a couple simple ingredients!

    XPeppermint tea (loose leaf or bags)
    Xfresh mint from your garden or local grocery store
    Xmint extract
    Xcane sugar
    Xrose water (free people DIY recipe as above)

    The amounts you use of each ingredient is up to you, experiment to your liking. In a medium pot I usually use 5-6 tea bags, about 2 teaspoons of mint extract, 1/3-1/2 cup cane sugar, a handful of fresh mint stems, and 1/4-1/3 cup rose water.

    I love this tea on a typical cloudy day when’s its cold + raining. But this is great any day and any time!

    Happie tea drinking!

  6. how important is it to use distilled water? I just got a few roses as a gift so I would love to make this now if i could! thanks for the post!

  7. I have started following you on Twitter, I love your brilliant ideas. I am a DIY person myself but not in this area…more on the technical handyman kind of thing. My wife is interested in learning to make perfume from flowers and I am sure if i continue following you will get the hints and tips. Great blog and please share more ideas on perfume making.

  8. If can use organically grown roses. Less chemicals to be absorbed by your skin. Don’t forget everything you put on your shin goes to your liver.

  9. Wao..! it is very good and i am inspire about your work because i can see first time of practical for making of roses water.

  10. I bought some rose water from my local Heath foods store but I’m not sure if it’s the same thing, could you tell me? The ingredients are purified water and aromatic oil of rose.

  11. thankyou so much rose water is wonderful and I would love to make it thankyou so much for posting this

  12. hi there!!!!

    this is truly helpful to finish my DIY blog. i hope you don’t mind that i’ve linked your website with mine just for the readers to know the simplest way of making rose water. the blog is still in process. but if you have time, i’ll send you the direct link to it. more power to your site!

  13. If using roses bought from a florist or the grocery store I would be really hesitant to drink the rose water. They are grown with a lot of pesticides and fertilizers and whatnot and not really intended for consumption, I don’t know that a simple rinsing would do the trick.

  14. I had suffered from anxiety for many years. I met a lady when I worked in the hospital emergency room. We started to talk and for some reason, she started to talk about one of her phobias which was her anxiety. She stated she tried all sorts of medication with bad side effects. She started her research on all types of herbs, which she figures…why deal with bad side affects from medication, when she could go all natural. She started using Rose Water and never felt so great. Now she has a small green house with all types of herbs and flowers.

  15. I recently came across a different Rosewater DIY that used the more complicated method in order to get pure rosewater. I can definitely attest, the old fashion-ed way is much easier! I encountered several issues when making my rosewater. But, if you want to avoid some of the mistakes I made, or get some tips before you start, you should check out my post below!


  16. So I just made this and I think the water got too hot. The petals lost almost all color and the water turned dark green! Can I still use the rose water??

  17. Do not use commercially grown roses, and never buy them when it is not the proper growing season. They are sprayed with a seriously toxic cocktail of chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides and dyes that do not “rinse” off. All that junk DOES transfer into simmering/boiling water and some of it stays in the steam.

  18. I made rose water with non organic roses I did rinse them.
    But when I put it in my hair and at night when I showered there was blue coming out of my hair did I do something wrong???

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  20. Using safe ingredient (organic roses only) and safe cooking pots (do NOT USE non-stick pots and pans). Glass pots or eco ceramic coated. No other metal pots (aluminum, copper or non stick).

  21. Hi there! This is my first visit to your blog!
    We are a team of volunteers and starting a new project in a community in the same
    niche. Your blog provided us valuable information to work on. You have done a outstanding job!

  22. Hi
    I would like to inform you first of all if you want to make rose water at home you have to buy specific rose not every rose can be use for this purpose then you have to check it must be organic then you have to distilled it by mixing triple qty of water compare to roses then you have to keep the distilled water in a separate pan and again boiled it and take the steam in another pan .then only you will get the rose water which can match with the good quality of rose water .
    Please do not mix any other thing into it because rose water have only two ingredients rose and water.

  23. I’m so excited to make this right now! I have dried roses. They’re not fresh like you recommended, but I’m interested to see how they work. Beautiful.

  24. i just boiled rose pedals in water and simmered placed in a glass jar, and its perfect, very simple. It works…thanks

  25. I have been trying to find rose water for a recipe and just came across this blog. Can it be purchased in a store? I know what rose water does for the skin, but I am hesitant to make it with flowers from a florist… (My rose garden was completely destroyed by Japanese Beetles a few years back and I don’t have the heart to go through that again.)
    I know this is a diy blog, so I apologize if I’ve overstepped any boundaries.
    Barb in Lansing. MI

  26. I love the idea of making my own rose water. Unfortunately, organic roses can be difficult to come by. I have been buying my rose water for years from the Tenzing Momo in Seattles Pike Place Market. (I order online) we just bought a house that has rose bushes all over the yard! Im looking forward to making my own rose water next year when they bloom!!

  27. Okay, I got roses for vday and made my rose water without really doing research because all you need it roses + water, right? Well I was looking up additives to the water and low and behold I find that you need to use organic? Now majority sites say go organic but some say you can rinse and you should be fine. I already did the process and really do not want to waste this water. Is it fine to use? I won’t be investing it. I’ll only use it on my face and hair. HELP

  28. Question?
    Could i use this if say i was making salt dough roses instead of actual water? I am planning a mothers day activity and this would complete the project!

  29. Rose water is not rose water unless you can confirm that your water used is purified…don’t use tap water or it is likely to yellow/brown from the chlorine treatment in your respective locations …don’t cook it but simmer it…that means a low flame under a glass covered stainless steel pot. Whether you are using for your skin or consumption always make it as though you are going to serve it to yourself or guest. I use it as the essence to make Gulqand (a sweet rose petal preserve) and in various jellies i.e., lavender, violet & rose petal jellies.

  30. I used the organic rose buds for tea to make rose water. The roses were placed in a glass jar then pour hot not boiling distilled water to cover the roses. Let steep for 30 minutes then strain let cooled. Made small ice cubes with the rose water. Here is the strange part . When the rose water were frozen into cubes they were loosened from the plastic ice tray and placed in a freezer bag. The ice tray was left pink from the rose water so it was rinsed in hot water and the water turned blue. This is odd.

  31. If you can’t wash off pesticides with cold water, is it still safe to drink? I figured you’d want heat to be low as too much heat could destroy some of health benefits? I was wanting to throw petals in my bath, but I realize now that would be better to wait till after making the rose water, and I to also put some of the rose water in the bath also for a good soak in very warm bath which can help with opening pores. Some got me 12 fresh roses as a gift 6 days ago, and they are in water and still very fresh, but since they came from a grocery store, I would assume they’ve been treated with pesticides and want them to be well cleaned before cooking process. Thanks for your advice on my questions?

  32. I have made this and have been storing it in my refrigerator but I don’t use it often. Is it ok to use if its a month old? How many days can it be stored? Is there any specific duration?

  33. Love this idea! I will try this too and one thing I will do is sprinkle some rose water in different corners of the house and that way there will be a fresh scent of roses in the house :)

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