Monday Quote: Clarify Your Purpose

Today’s quote is something I’ve been working on lately. What is the reason behind the actions you take? Are you doing something just because someone else is? Or because you feel like you should? Before you do something, ask yourself why. It may seem unnecessary, but you’ll be surprised sometimes at the answer you come back with. It’s an amazing way of focusing on the purpose of your actions and clarifying the path you want to take.

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Image by Julia.


  1. THANKS for this post. I make jewellery in my spare time. It used to be fun, de-stressing and creative. BUT, since I started selling on Etsy, it has been stressful, even tearful at times, such as tonight, when I tried really hard to follow the complicated rules of an Etsy team and still got kicked out with a nasty message from the team leader (I had posted a link in the wrong forum). I think I will go back to basics, stop trying to sell, and just make jewellery for fun.

  2. Thanks for sharing this! I was goingto write that this is perfect advice/question for me right now,when I sawthe comment above fromJenny. The sincronicity is that when I read this post the first thing I asked myself about was my jewelry business on Etsy too!

  3. Sometimes you don’t need to find some concrete purpose… sometimes the only purpose is to be happy. In reality, that is all we are truly expected to do in life, attain happiness.

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