Our Favorite Hot-Weather Hairstyles

I usually wear my hair the exact same way every day: down. But when hot weather hits, sometimes wearing your hair down just doesn’t fly. You need to get it out of your face, off your neck, and just generally away. I asked a bunch of girls in our office to show off their favorite ways to wear their hair in the summer. The result was a whole bunch of buns and braids done in lots of different ways. Here are our favorite hot-weather hairstyles!

Wavy hair, 2 braids

Two braids

When I asked our assistant stylist how she likes to wear her hair in the summer, she responded with “Down. Always down.” She is the exception! I love the way she added two simple braids in the front to keep her beautifully wavy hair away from her face. So cute. I love this style for a weekend brunch/flea market day.

French braid, bun

2 french braids, bun

Our PR assistant is the queen of this look in the summer — and I’ll never get sick of it. She creates two inside-out french braids and secures them in a knotted bun in the back. It’s a visually interesting, yet super clean look, and it keeps you cool in the hot, hot heat! It’s also the perfect day-to-night look.

High pony, braid

I love the way our styling assistant took a classic high pony (which she totally rocks) and added a bit of personality with one simple, random braid. This is the perfect hairstyle for a day spent wandering and adventuring.

Free People girls


3 braids

FP Jana created a casual braided look with two big messy braids, one smaller braid, and some little wisps left out in the front. This style is perfect for the beach!

Wrapped head scarf

Summer head scarf

Our FP Party/Endless Summer/Maheya designer is an absolute pro when it comes to head scarves (as seen in this video). This is such an effortless yet pulled-together look and we can’t get enough of it! I love this hairstyle for backyard barbeques. :)

Top knot, hair wrap

Top knot with hair wrap

Our sample coordinator calls this the “pin-less, no-hair-tie” bun — and that’s exactly what it is. “A true top knot, if you will,” she says. She literally just twists her hair around and ties it into the perfect knot atop her head! I love the addition of her colorful hair wrap in there, which she had done on a recent trip to Costa Rica! This is the perfect hairstyle for the hottest of summer days because it requires minimal effort and looks awesome.

Side ponytail

Hair wrapped ponytail

I’ve been a fan of the hair-wrapped ponytail ever since I first started copying Spice Girl Emma Bunton back in the day. Just wrap a small chunk of hair around the rest of your hair and you’re good to go — all you need is a bobby pin or two to secure it!

What’s your favorite hot-weather hairstyle? Do tell!

Photos by Jana and Brigette.

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love them all, my fave is Jana’s two braids. I have extremely curly thick hair and it is cut in layers so normaly my hair is just down or should I say up in a huge pouf. When it gets hot, I just put it up in a bun…or two braids…


Could you do a tutorial on how to do some of these?!

I love braids!! Always a favorite of mine since I was a youngin’! But it’s hard to do any of these styles with really fine + thin, pin straight hair. Any ideas? I live in Florida too so it’s incredibly hot ALL the time I need a new hair stylin’ idea, help please!! x

the “true top knot” is cute, but no ties?! my hair would stay in that bun for about 10 seconds before falling completely down.


I love how effortless all of these look.


Love seeing these girls…all braids are cute ..GO MACK..GREAT HAIR

Love all of these look! I’m seriously going to have to try these out for summer



could you ask that first lady how she got her hair bleached that color? I love the silver color of it! xx

I love this hairstyles! We should be more beautiful every day!


what would be a good hairstyle for short hair? :c


my hairs too long to braid what dp u reccomend



anon – coming soon!!!!

I will love to see,if you will post some hair style for short & curly hairs …