Free People Horoscopes, May 27 – June 2

Horoscopes by Tracy Allen.

gemini zodiac symbol illustrationGEMINI

May 21–June 20

For the first time since 2001, your ruling planet Mercury joins up with Jupiter in your sign this week, then Venus does the same the next day. Jupiter has filled you with enthusiasm since last summer, inspiring you to make something more of yourself and helping you to understand your potential. Now with mental Mercury and valuable Venus in the mix, you have a chance to give the past year some real thought and try to figure out what you most want to gain from this growth cycle. At this point, you should feel freer than ever to be the true you and more confident that you can have what you desire. The Gemini sun’s run-ins with Saturn and Pluto will likely force you to downshift and deal with your job, health, daily duties, a close relationship and possibly a heavy psychological issue. But if you can seek a broader comprehension of your personal process without overlooking the details entailed by work and relationships, you’ll combine vision and information. You’re able to communicate and relate with such positivity now, and being around a lot of people will keep your momentum going.


cancer zodiac symbol illustrationCANCER

June 21–July 22

Tune in to your inner voice this week when informative Mercury and artistic Venus link up with expansive Jupiter in your spiritual sector. A dream journal would be one way of getting a conversation going with your unconscious, and quiet time near water could ease you into a contemplative frame of mind. Intuition and creativity are at a high point, so you’ll get great ideas, but if you decide to act on them, keep your efforts behind the scenes for the time being. You’re feeling pretty introverted, and the need to hide in your crab shell is at odds now with pressure to engage with other people; an intense relationship; or a power struggle with someone. Although Mercury and Venus move into your sign late in the week, making you feel a little more social, you should still grab some time alone if you can. You may get inspired and think of a different way of pursuing your career path or getting more freedom in your work life. This is a period for unwinding and reflecting on the past year before your birthday season brings renewal and a fresh cycle.


leo zodiac symbol illustrationLEO

July 23–August 22

Your ruling planet the sun is in your humanity-and-hopes zone, orienting you towards the big picture. Socializing, connecting with friends and your professional network, reassessing your goals and getting revved up about what’s next for you—any or all of these things are likely to be appealing. But when the sun clashes with Saturn and Pluto this week, you may find that you need to accommodate a couple of other areas of your life. Family, home life and your personal emotions could require your attention, and your job, daily responsibilities and your health could as well. You probably want to be out and about in the world, but an intense workload, jealous coworkers or family duties can become a problem. Being around plenty of people is good for you this week, as you’re able to communicate beautifully to a group right now and can free up your own belief system—finding an alternative exciting vision—in speaking to others. Realize that you’re not flying solo, and allow yourself the feeling of being part of a bigger context. You can make valuable contacts and combine your ideals and your thoughts to conceive of ways to change something in the world that needs changing.


virgo zodiac symbol illustrationVIRGO

August 23–September 22

You’ve got some career momentum going, but the energizing sun’s awkward encounters with Saturn and Pluto this week mean you may have to adjust for delayed information, negative thinking or the need to plan everything out in your head—and children, your love life, creativity or fun may also conflict with the pursuit of goals. Still, your ruler Mercury links up with Jupiter in your ambition angle for the first time since 2001, and Venus follows suit the next day, so your aspirations are likely to grow, and you’ll consider taking more risks to achieve bigger things. Your appeal with authority figures is a plus now, so if you see a chance to shine, go for it. Taking center stage could have a positive impact on a trust or jealousy issue, offer you more insight into your psyche or possibly bring more financial independence. Some of your focus will start to turn to friends and networking, as two planets segue into your connections house, pushing you back into your world outside of work.


libra zodiac symbol illustrationLIBRA

September 23–October 22

The sun is lighting up your vision sector, enhancing your will to travel, learn and have adventures that open your mind. But Saturn and Pluto give the sun a hard time this week, so low confidence or low funds may be an issue, and home, family or your mood could also factor in. Libra is an aesthetically oriented sign, and that’s even truer than usual right now. Your ruler Venus is uniting with Jupiter, increasing the pleasure, meaning and inspiration you derive from beauty and art. This planetary coupling can also fill your heart with courage and lend you an almost extravagant taste for life. Differences are extra alluring, as anything that takes you out of your comfort zone will boost your spirits. Getting out of your element could change a relationship, or if you need more breathing room between you and someone else, a solo trip will do the trick. Sometimes you need to get away to view things from a different perspective, but if travel isn’t possible, exposing yourself to a wider range of people and ideas will shift your mindset.


scorpio zodiac symbol illustrationSCORPIO

October 23–November 21

With four planets transiting your hidden-matters zone, you’re digging around in your own deep, dark stuff, feeling a desire for intimacy and intense merging or dealing with joint resources or a financial partnership. All of that is competing with your recent tendency to isolate, protect yourself and pursue your own goals. And it’s also jarring your evolving mentality and your drive to attain a sense of control over the heavy issues in your head. It could feel almost like your psyche is at war with itself this week. In-depth conversations will bring a new level of understanding—don’t be afraid to get in there and negotiate finances, do some psychological probing and allow a close relationship to heat up. This is not a time for superficial relating—not that your sign is prone to it to begin with. Your beliefs are transforming on a profound level, and if you mull enough, you can hone in on what’s been expanding within you this past year. As your co-ruler Mars enters that same part of your chart (governing hidden matters) later in the week, you can make further progress in getting to the bottom of what’s going on inside you. That insight could free up stale habits and lead to doing things in a different way.


sagittarius zodiac symbol illustrationSAGITTARIUS

November 22–December 21

With four planets—including your ruler—in your partnership angle, you’re giving a lot of energy to your relationships and hopefully getting plenty in return. But you may experience a hiccup in your connections with others this week when any of the following draws your attention away: lingering doubts; an effort to let go of someone or something; a blue mood; holding yourself back; control issues; possessiveness; and changes in resources or finances. But on a brighter note, pairing up with people can lead to spontaneous creativity and freedom of self-expression. As Mercury and Venus align with Jupiter, you might find yourself thinking about the value of your relationships and the ways in which they’ve grown this past year. You’re able to communicate and relate exceptionally well one-on-one right now, so make the effort to interact. Things will go even more smoothly if you accommodate other people’s willfulness when you encounter it. Since you’re so persuasive and magnetic this week, it’s easy to overdo assertiveness, so keep an eye out for someone else’s ego being adversely affected.


capricorn zodiac symbol illustrationCAPRICORN

December 22–January 19

Your skills, health, daily routine, work methods and general way of doing things may require tweaking this week when the sun in your efficiency zone bickers with your ruler Saturn and Pluto, which is traveling through your sign. Notice how your ego on the job or in any of the areas mentioned above could be coming into conflict with your growing hopes, the psychological transformation that you’re going through, plans for the future, networking, friends, socializing or participation in a group of some sort. You have the ability to charm your coworkers and other people you habitually come into contact with, if you make sure not to come on too strong. You’re wrapping up a cycle of self-improvement that began last year and perhaps preparing to offer something new to people. Your relationships will flourish if you’re mindful of maintaining equality between you and others. Given your increasing sense of your own potential and your seriousness about what’s next for you, the balance in your relationships can be thrown off at times. If you combine the energy you’re directing toward self-improvement and the freedom you’re gaining by breaking from your past, you may come up with new ways of doing things now and give yourself something else to be enthused about.


aquarius zodiac symbol illustrationAQUARIUS

January 20–February 18

The sun in your play sector is pulling you to express yourself, have some fun, give and receive affection and seek romantic and creative pleasure. But the sun’s difficulties with Saturn this week suggest that job pressure, your ambition, a stalled career path or the necessity of answering to authority will keep fun in check to some degree. And when Pluto hassles the sun, private turmoil, repressed anger, control issues or surfacing secrets may cause problems. It’s important to maintain faith in your authentic self and to recognize that real happiness is a worthwhile, attainable goal, no matter how heavy your life feels at the moment. Take time for creative projects and think about what’s been fulfilling you the most lately. Being around children or indulging in hobbies may lighten your mood. Listen to your heart; your chances of syncing it with your head are good right now. You may even think of another means of self-expression if you pay attention to your desires instead of your worries.


pisces zodiac symbol illustrationPISCES

February 19–March 20

Much of your focus is gravitating toward home life, family, personal emotions and memories, but your concern with the reality of your future claims space in your brain this week as well. You’re constructing new beliefs about your path in life and experiencing the powerful feeling of setting fresh goals and connecting with a wider network of people, but that may be a little scary. Your vision could be blocked by doubts, and the turnover in your circle of friends might be troubling you. To re-center yourself (a crucial practice for ethereal Pisces), think about what supports you. What are your greatest sources of security and comfort, and how have they evolved in the past year? How would you describe your emotional home base, the innermost part of you that exists at the end of the day? If you can break from past patterns that no longer serve your growth, you have a chance to free up a wellspring of self-worth. This is also a great time for getting rid of possessions that are bogging you down.


aries zodiac symbol illustrationARIES

March 21–April 19

There’s a vibrant energy coursing through your veins at the moment, revving up your curiosity and your eagerness to learn, to travel and to be in touch with various people. But all of that runs into momentary trouble this week when darker issues permeate your mind. A money issue or the heavy lifting required in close relationships may be a factor. Or your metamorphosing life direction and career aspirations begin to dominate the picture. If it’s any consolation, the lighter stuff and the darker stuff aren’t in sync for any of us this week. But one big plus for you is that your thinking and communication are in peak shape now. The expansion of your old thought patterns has brought a hint of limitlessness into your mentality, and you’re capable of stating your broadened beliefs with immense charm and eloquence. You can connect easily and spontaneously with people in your social circle, and you might want to set aside time for writing. And with your ruling planet Mars entering your cognition-and-speech zone, you’ll express yourself in an increasingly direct, assertive manner.


zodiac symbol illustrationTAURUS

April 20–May 20

With four planets traveling through your worth house, much of your energy is directed toward your finances, possessions, talents, self-esteem and values. But when the sun in that house grapples with Saturn and Pluto this week, two other parts of your life vie for your attention. The feeling that a person is obstructing you, the work that goes into a partnership, pressure to make a commitment to someone or a delay that seems beyond your control may pose a problem. And obsessing over your future, a pull to escape and travel, your evolving philosophy on life or strong opinions could also cause a wrinkle. But you can communicate your values effectively and smoothly now if you’ve got something to say. You can also make a confident financial decision if you’re careful not to misread your confidence and spend beyond your limits. Use it to make a wise, perhaps brave, choice. Think about the usefulness of what you own, and if you’ve acquired too much stuff in the past year, start to divest. Listen to the more mature voice in your head, and take a fresh intuitive approach to maximizing your talents, allocating resources, making money and living out your values.


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Loving this week’s Leo horoscope. Spot on, like usual!


I’m not really one to pay attention to horoscopes (or comment on blogs), but these are so accurate for me week after week. Amazing.

Wow, I am a Leo with a lot on my plate right now. That gave me the chills it was so accurate!

Seems much more accurate for me this week! I can really relate to the viewing things from a different perspective! (I’m Libra)

My Birthday is 10/05. Is there another sign that also applies to me? I’m just curious.

Hey Shelley! If you give me your birth year, town and exact time (ideally from a birth certificate), I’ll let you know.

Hi Tracy, this is it: 10/05/78, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada, Not sure about the exact time, but I think around 8pm

Shelley: 8 pm makes you Taurus rising, so you can read Taurus each week and see if it applies. It might not if you’re unsure about your time, but worth a try.

Thanks a lot Tracy!

You’re welcome, Shelley!


This is so spot on week after week. You are absolutely amazing Tracy!

Thank you so much, Amanda! What sign are you?


Tracey – I agree with Amanda. I had stopped believing in astrology years ago until I came across your horoscopes. I’m a devout reader every week – always seems to fit me perfectly!

Same here! Tracy, have emailed you a couple of times for a private reading but haven’t heard back. You must fully booked?

SHIRSTEN: It’s great to hear that the horoscopes click with you, and I know what you mean about astrology. I was surprised by how well it works when I started studying it. Still amazes me sometimes!
NIKI: I’m so glad you told me that. Checking with my web designer (my site’s under construction) to see what’s up with emails getting forwarded to my home account. It’s supposed to happen automatically. Nope, not fully booked…and I’d love to get to know Free People readers!


Hi Tracy- Is it best to not only read your sun sign, but also read your moon and ascendent sign to get a fuller picture of the week ahead or are these just really sun sign readings?