What Inspires You?

The idea of “inspiration” is a crazy thing to comprehend. Something that one person may not even notice could be the most inspiring thing in the world to someone else — and inspiring in what way? Does it inspire them to do? To say? To think about? To create? I’m always curious to find out where people draw their inspiration — and today we’re showing you where we draw ours.

Our creative director recently came around to every single person in the whole building, and left a white balloon on each of our desks. We were instructed to write what inspires us on our balloon and then drop it off to her. A few days later, during the finale of an all-company meeting, the balloons – now filled with air – were released from the ceiling and fell down among us! It was so cool to be entirely surrounded by little reminders of what inspires all of us in our daily life. Answers ranged from “the great wide open” to “Patrick Swayze,” and many of them had incredible little drawings all over them. Here’s a glimpse of what we’re inspired by at Free People. What inspires you?

Balloon gif

Inspiration balloons

More inspiration from BLDG 25!



  1. Way too cool! Love it! Thanks for sharing this :) I think I am inspired by…….a smile from a stranger.

  2. This is such an amazing and creative way to think about what inspires a person. I’m inspired by so many things. Mother Nature, Art, dreams. The list could go on forever :)

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