The Road To Sasquatch Music Festival

This guest post is from our good friend Amy Soderlind!

6am. Thursday morning. May 23rd. We loaded our trusty 76′ VW Bus, a champion of all steads…. a determined lil engine that could. That would. That did… 1600 miles worth. 

First 5 minutes on the road the rear view mirror shattered. Hours later we sat in silence (along with the Redwoods) as a new born Elk took its first steps.

Coincidence? Perhaps. Meaning for the trip? Surely.

Forward, onward, upward. Winding through Vineyards, Redwoods, Oaks and Pacific Northwest Cliff lines…. Peace and Ease is an understatement.. but its as close I can get to describing the energy flowing through our twists and turns. We were all totally at ease. Silent for sometimes hours on end, tapping our feet and hands to the sounds we would soon hear live.

While it took us 22 hours each way (topping off at 55 mph max)… Sasquatch, my dear new friend… you were WELL worth it.

Set in the Gorge Ampitheatre of Washington… I have never witnessed such pure beauty in one place. The people, the environment, the music. My senses were elated, happily overwhelmed with all things good and groovy.

Hands down, the most beautiful and honest festival I’ve ever been to. Those of you that already know and love it…. thank you for keeping it real.

xx Amy

vw bus

flowers and dreamcatcher in vw bus

two girls sitting on log

two girls with horses

sasquatch music festival

sasquatch music festival

girl on vw bus

girl on vw bus at festival

sasquatch music festival

zz ward and amy soderlind

Chatting with ZZ Ward and her pup.

sasquatch music festival

sasquatch music festival

sasquatch music festival

sasquatch music festival

sasquatch music festival

sasquatch music festival

sasquatch festival

the gorge washington

Photos & Post by Amy Soderlind.

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8 years ago

Are you guys stopping by Bonnaroo in two weeks?

8 years ago
Andra Larsen
8 years ago

I grew up on the Gorge – 30 miles east so it’s a pleasure to see this post on my favorite blog – my bible blog!!! :) The photography captures the feeling completely. It’s my favorite place in the whole world!! Thank you for this post! (and every post!)

8 years ago

Love!!! Always enjoy Amy Soderlind’s beautiful writing and gorgeous photos. Inspired for Sasquatch next year! Thanks Free People!

8 years ago

I was there as well! Awesome photos, wish we could’ve met and worn our FP pieces together.

8 years ago

your amazing and this is amazing amy!

8 years ago

I love your car and the pictures. Looking forward to the festival season in Germany :)

8 years ago

That girl with the straw hat sitting down with the guy in the red baseball hat was so nice! I met her at Devendra and she went into the VIP area and made it her mission to get me a Popsicle!

8 years ago

I loved your feature of a Northwest festival! Amy’s images captured the festival weekend so honestly.

8 years ago

I wanted to go to Sasquatch so bad! My favorite band, The Arctic Monkeys, were playing, and I am so bummed I couldn’t go! On a separate note, I’m from WA. Olympia spirit, man. ;)

Brooke O'Briant
8 years ago

What an amazing festival it was!! Thank you, Amy, for approaching my friend and me to take our picture! To be featured on this blog (that I read DAILY) and photographed by YOU (I love your Refuses to Label blog SO much, too) was a dream come true! I am beyond flattered! Thank you!!

8 years ago

These pictures are absolutely gorgeous and so beautifully capture the hazy relaxed days of summer so openly coveted! If its alright Amy, could you please tell me what cameras you used / what editing did you do it? thank you so much!!

8 years ago

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