Inside My Summer Closet, From FP Jemma

My closet is full of old clothes and new clothes. Ever since I can remember I’ve always gravitated towards bohemian and tomboy pieces and have loved mixing them together. Whenever I walk into a vintage store and I see something that catches my eye I find it hard not to buy it, as I know it’s rare and I might not come across it again. So, I’d say my closet is 50% vintage and then the other half is mostly Free People. I have a lot of dresses and 80’s-style jeans that I like to wear with crop tops — oh, and printed scarfs! You will always find a scarf in my bag just in case I get a little chilly and I can wrap it around me — lightweight ones in the summer and more knitted ones in the winter.

This jacket I bought at Brimfield. I don’t wear it often but the detail it has is beautiful. It looks good with boyfriend jeans and sneakers.

inside my closet

I have a slight addiction to high-waisted vintage jeans. These two are some of my favorites:

inside my closet

I bought these overalls at the Rosebowl Flea Market in LA. Whenever I wear them they bring me back to my younger years.

inside my closet

I have a lot of printed skirts and love wearing them in the summer with basic tops.

inside my closet

Dresses are so easy — you just throw them on and your outfit is complete. I have a lot of ivory dresses and then a few printed ones.

inside my closet

This is my favorite summer dress:

inside my closet

All my favorite pieces of jewelry have been bought for me and I cherish them dearly — mostly necklaces and then a few silver bracelets.

inside my closet

I always carry a scarf with me, mainly these two:

inside my closet

inside my closet

I don’t wear heels a lot — I have one or two pairs. My shoes are mostly flat and in a brown or black color. My new favorite sandals for summer are Free People’s Coastal Woven Sandal.  They are so comfy and I love their uniqueness.

inside my closet

That’s inside my summer closet!

More fashion inspiration from BLDG 25.

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I love your style….thanks for giving us a peek!

Those overalls are awesome!!!!!


Im wearing the skirt thats hanging on the door I got it at a festival last summer and I love it

I love your style!!

Diptyque candles.. Baise is my absolute favorite scent. It just makes every room smell wonderful and well, perfect. Your scarves are fantastic Jemma! And your jewelry is unique, you’d love Middle Eastern gems. Really cool stuff!

where did you get those gorgeous dresses? are they vintage?


Unique as always!!!! Beautiful closet x


i have several dresses like the tie dye one u have! any ideas on how to sew or cut it to make it more shapely? or how to wear it?

Cool one! I love these shoes and they are fashion this year!


I love your dresses! Love your still! The rompers withe the blouse awesome shoes as well!