Discussion: The Efforts Of Being Effortless

In our newest short film Neighbor, Daisy Lowe plays a girl who is trying to get the attention of her neighbor across the way. We see her putting in a great deal of effort to appear effortlessly beautiful. In the first scene, she wakes up in the morning and quickly ducks to the floor to hide from him until she has put on some makeup and her sexiest lingerie. In another scene, she takes a store-bought pie out of a box and places it on a plate, being sure to get some flour on her face to appear as if she’s baking (again, wearing sexy lingerie). But as the short film progresses, we see her and her neighbor form a relationship and she becomes far more natural – joking with him playfully through the window, she wears a casual sweater, messy ponytail, and no makeup. Behind this sweet love story is a message, and it’s all about the effort we put in, in order to appear effortless.  We put effort into doing our hair in such a way that appears like we just rolled out of bed, and we put effort into doing makeup so that it looks like we aren’t wearing any. Why do we do this? If the key is looking natural, why not just be natural? And in the video, do you think Daisy’s efforts in the beginning, with her makeup and lingerie, attract her neighbor’s attention, or is it her realness and natural beauty towards the end that wins him over? We want to discuss – share your thoughts in the comments!

daisy lowe free people

daisy lowe free people

daisy lowe free people

daisy lowe free people

Photos by Thomas Northcut.

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Daisy is gorgeous! Great to see a model with boobs and a bum on freepeople :) X


Love this. Some girls really ARE effortless in their look, yet it seems so pulled together.



This is something that I have never understood about our society…it seems like most people in “general,” gravitate toward authenticity. So, why are there so many people out there searching to be “real?” Most guys I have talked to (I’m a hair stylist) always seem to be very upfront and honest about how much they respect a girl who is natural and true to herself. I would love to see our world reflect uniqueness and true beauty!


Obviously someone who puts all the effort in being effortless is somewhat insecure. It may be unnecissary, but it’s not unnatural. We often start doubting ourselves when we fall in love. I think in doing the effort we feel like we’re in control of the situation. We feel like we’re doing something. In trying to be effortless we try to stay true to ourselves. The effort is the insecurity, the effortlessness is the security. As soon as the guy confirms that he’s interested, we stop feeling insecure and start relying on our true effortlessness, our true selves. That’s when the… Read more »


When you look at the average consumer’s relationship with the beauty industry and the media, it looks as if it is women who are keeping other women down. The industry is conditioning women to feel that there is only one accepted definition of beauty: perfection. A woman who loves and accepts herself clashes with the economic interests of the industry.

From personal experience, natural (true natural, not made up natural) seems to always be the best route to take. Whenever I’m made up, even if I look totally natural, I have this confidence that stems from knowing I look good with my perfectly applied makeup and stylishly put together outfit. Not saying I lack that confidence when I go au natural and just sport jeans and my favorite shirt, but I’ve noticed when I’m just chilling in my own skin, guys think I’m more approachable. Maybe it’s because, instead of working an awesome outfit, I’m just working my awesome self?

haha…the same question I asked myself yesterday when I saw the short film. But as I love love stories you conquered my heart in no time anywhere. Read my opinion on the short movie here. http://vlogaboo.com/home/free-people-

Agreed with Britt! What a fun little video! Love FP!

She’s so effortlessly beuatiful but I get it, sometimes you want to put a little effort to look polished, but to still feel effortless and carefree. LOVE the video hope to be able to create something like it int he future.

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I love Daisy. What a fun little video!


I definitely feel more confident and sexy when I am all made up, but I feel most myself when I am au natural. It depends upon the day, but sometimes when I put less effort into my appearance I feel like my best self.