Easy Hair Trick: Super Long Ponytail

We are huge fans of the ponytail here at Free People. It’s a hairstyle that looks effortless and playful, but chic at the same time. Today I want to share with you a little secret to make your ponytail look longer and fuller. I’ve been doing this trick for years and am always looking for people to share it with.

Step 1: Start with your hair down. This works  best on medium to long, wavy hair. If you don’t have naturally wavy hair, curl it first with a large iron. Grab 2 ponytail holders – one standard hair rubber band, and one tiny one.

Long red hair

Hair rubber bands

Step 2: Gather the hair on top of your head, as if you were going to wear your hair half-up — like you may have done back in elementary school (I actually still wear my hair like this, by the way). Add some hair on either side from the hair next to your ears, as pictured. This helps to conceal the second ponytail that you’ll create later. Secure the hair on top of your head (wherever you want your ponytail to start) using the standard hair rubber band.

Red hair ponytail

Red hair, half up

Red hair long ponytail

Step 3: Take the rest of your hair and form a second ponytail closer to the bottom of your head. Secure this with the tiny rubberband, as you want this ponytail to lie as flat against your head as possible.

Red hair, two ponytails

Step 4: Fluff the hair of your top ponytail around so that it covers your bottom ponytail, and you’re all set!

Red hair, nails

Here are my before and after shots — it’s like my ponytail doubled in size!

Ponytail trick

Long ponytail, red hair

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8 years ago

Great idea!!! Bridgette has the most amazing beautiful thick hair!

Alex Salvesen
8 years ago

this is so cute! I do this too!

8 years ago

You guys just saved my hair today! Thank you! Really cute simple ponytail idea!

8 years ago

what color is brigettes nail polish? i love her style so much! i wish we were friends and could share clothes and nail polish and frolic from thrift store to thrift store

8 years ago

I just used this style and it’s perfect! Thank you so much!!!

8 years ago

Wish I had long hair to try this!
Any fun tricks for short hair???


8 years ago

Great idea!

8 years ago

I love this! I actually have long thick red hair similar to brigettes, so I know this will work extremely well.

8 years ago

Interesting idea. Her hair is absolutely gorgeous.

8 years ago

Love this! I love all of Brigette’s hair tutorials! I have really long, thick wavy hair just like hers and I spend all day running around after my toddler so I always have to wear it up or do something to keep it out of my way, and these styles always save me from just twisting it around a rubber band the same way day after day.

8 years ago

This is such a great tip! I love this! xo

8 years ago

need to try this one! thanks for the awesome tip!

8 years ago

What top/dress is this! i love it!

and im trying the out right now!!!!


8 years ago

What top/dress is this! i love it!

and im trying this out right now!!!!


8 years ago

YES! I am SO trying this!!!

8 years ago

This<3 I LOVE this!!! Thank you for posting in the midst of Festival season! Festival Internationale, here I come!

8 years ago

This is genius.

8 years ago

This is genius. Can’t wait to try!

8 years ago

What a fun idea. She has beautiful hair.

8 years ago

ahhhh thank you so much for this! and such a beautiful hair on your FP girl :) awesome post! cheers!

8 years ago

I have medium length, wavy fine hair. This is great if you’re just trying to fool people via pictures (like the ones above) however just fluffing the top pony over the bottom one lasts .2 seconds, and it becomes extremely obvious that there are 2 ponytails. Disappointed.

8 years ago

Cute hair style~~
what a cute top. Is this item avail??

8 years ago

This is amazing. I was trying to think the other day how you did it! The before and after pic is on pt.

8 years ago

I love this idea and actually tried it, and it looks super cute from the front but from the side you can see the gap between the top and bottom pony tails. I thought it would work because my hair is thick but perhaps it’s not wavy enough? Any ideas on modifications because it looks adorable! Thanks FP :)

8 years ago

Ha! What a neat trick. As far as creating a gap you could always cover it up with some pretty hair accessories such as some flower barrettes or a silk scarf.