Free People Horoscopes, June 10-16

By Tracy Allen.

gemini zodiac sign illustrationGEMINI

May 21–June 20

Sharing and compromising could be challenging this week, when desirous Venus in your worth zone squabbles with possessive Pluto in your joint-resources house and independent Uranus in your network sector. What you want for yourself may come into conflict with the needs of a partner, friend or group, and financial negotiations, teamwork or a power struggle over possessions or values might get sticky. It’s not easy to make what’s best for others your priority when strong cravings are taking over your head. But on the bright side, your work life is falling into place, as your discipline, growing skills, structured routine and focused efforts begin to open up a more meaningful path for you. Your true calling is not so much about ego gratification and acclaim as it is about serving the higher purpose for which you were born. Although doer Mars in your sign is tempting you to push an agenda, his uncomfortable encounter with Pluto calls for you to adjust your actions based on a partnership issue or changes going on inside you.


cancer zodiac sign illustrationCANCER

June 21–July 22

Relational Venus is in your sign, but she gets pushed around by Pluto and Uranus this week, intensifying your interactions. You may forge a strong connection with someone, but on the flip side, you may feel overpowered by them. A crisis in a relationship or a domineering person trumps your desires, and feisty Mars in your subliminal sector can trigger unconscious behavior that provokes the other person. It’s not easy to get a handle on your own covert impulses, but if you notice the balance between you and others being upset, look at your actions and try to sort out your motives. Although Venus increases your appeal, it may seem as if a parent, boss or other authority figure isn’t completely on your side, which will make you feel like being a little insubordinate. But a romantic or artistic opportunity brings a dose of pleasure, and the effort that you’ve been putting into self-expression starts to shift your vision of the world. You’ve been learning about yourself over the last several months and working on being more fulfilled—possibly by taking dating or creativity more seriously. Notice how all of that is gelling with seeing your path in a whole new way. As you become more fully yourself, you let go of stagnant views and acquire more fluid beliefs and spiritual truths.


leo zodiac sign illustrationLEO

July 23–August 22

With social Venus hiding out in your seclusion sector, you’re craving R&R. But her clashes with Pluto and Uranus this week pit that craving against your workload, health, perfectionism, travel, education and thirst for adventure. Part of you doesn’t feel like being out in the world, and having time yourself sounds pretty fantastic right about now. Still, activating Mars is pushing you to shift gears and start working towards your next goal, to do something to improve the world or just to socialize with friends and maybe network professionally. On a much more subtle level, Saturn and Neptune mesh this week, clarifying how your emotional maturation is allowing you to share your life with others in a more selfless way than before. Your focus on home life and inner work are bringing an added intimacy to your relationships and helping you to merge more naturally with others. You’re more in tune with hidden parts of your psyche than you were this time last year, which hopefully has made you feel less fragmented.


virgo zodiac sign illustrationVIRGO

August 23–September 22

Social Venus is transiting your network sector, putting you in a friendly frame of mind, but conflict could arise amongst your friends or between you and a group if you’re gravitating toward deeper involvement with one thing or one person. Creative self-expression, children, a hobby or a love affair lures you, and jealousy, sharing and personal space could end up being an issue. Friendship, romance and serious commitment don’t blend seamlessly right now. And if you’re pushing hard to gratify your ambitions, that could come off as manipulation or dominance. But you can downshift your drive just slightly to avoid inadvertently stepping on toes. You’re working on communicating more effectively, and your serious mindset is helping you to see people for who they really are. Being a better listener with a mature, realistic attitude about how to form meaningful connections with others makes people less confusing and disappointing to you. When you make the effort to understand and accept people’s variations, your relationships inevitably improve.


libra zodiac sign illustrationLIBRA

September 23–October 22

With Venus at the top of your chart, you want to satisfy your ambitions and gain visibility in the world. You’re working well with others and possibly feel drawn to a particular person who’s higher up than you. Although climbing the career ladder is attractive to you now, a family or domestic situation or an internal shift in your psyche could create some tension. Asserting your opinion or pushing for more freedom might clash with family and home concerns now. And someone close to you may behave unpredictably, distracting you from goals. But something you have going for you: You’ve been figuring out what’s most important to you and getting real about finances, and that’s starting to come together with your yearning for more meaningful work. You just need to make the connections between money, talents and priorities on the one hand and skills, daily routine and job on the other. By now, you probably know that this isn’t purely about fame and wealth, but something deeper. When Venus clicks with the moon’s karmic north node in your values zone at week’s end, think about words such as worth, opportunity and service, and see what statements you come up with.


scorpio zodiac sign illustrationSCORPIO

October 23–November 21

Law-of-attraction Venus in your consciousness house is coaxing you to expand your vision through art, beauty and love and drawing you to anything and anyone different. You want to branch out, but you’re also trying to come to grips with some very heavy thoughts. Whether it’s an all-out crisis in your head or a deep change in your habitual mindset, you’re struggling for mental control and could say something destructive. Your co-ruler Mars is nudging you to confront the dark stuff in your psyche, but he may also instigate a conflict over joint resources, intimacy, secrets or jealousy. Ultimately, he’s trying to get you to change the way you assert yourself, and given the tumult in your brain, assertion can turn into eruption. Changes in your routine also keep you on your toes this week, and freeing yourself from the constraints of old habits could expose you to something—or someone—new. Saturn in Scorpio is giving you major self-discipline, not to mention ego structure. You’re taking yourself more seriously, shoring up your boundaries, persevering and concentrating. All of that can feed into personal fulfillment in the form of romance, creativity, spiritual contentment and just plain happiness. Your desire to learn is strengthening your ability to step up and become who you were meant to be. Pay attention this week, and you’ll notice that you’re manifesting your dreams.


sagittarius zodiac sign illustrationSAGITTARIUS

November 22–December 21

Venus is in your sharing sector, putting extra focus on close relationships, but her skirmishes with Pluto and Uranus this week make friction over money, values, space, trust, jealousy, separate interests, playtime and self-expression a possibility. In addition, someone’s actions may affect your confidence or your finances, so be prepared to regulate your reaction. Otherwise, you could end up exacerbating the problem. Since you’re a future-oriented sign, it may not have fully registered with you that something concerning endings or the past has been taking up space in your brain over the course of the last several months. It’s worth your attention now, as this finishing-up phase can start to bring you closer to an elusive feeling of home, comfort and security. By learning to cut your losses in some area of your life, you’re releasing the remnants of the past. Understanding where you’ve been and accepting where you’re at now will give you a better spiritual and emotional foundation from which to move forward.


capricorn zodiac sign illustrationCAPRICORN

December 22–January 19

Amiable Venus in your relationship angle is producing a friendly feeling between you and others, but relating is actually rather tricky this week, thanks to Venus’s tussles with Pluto and Uranus. It’s difficult to strike a healthy balance between intensity and space and all too easy to come on strong, manipulate and get jealous. You or someone else might suddenly detach, even though there’s a desire to come together. Keep an eye on your response, since Pluto in your sign can cause you to dominate even when you don’t intend to. Coworkers’ actions especially may come up against your control issues or ambition, so avert a crisis mentality and take a breath. You may need to tweak your work habits or your approach to health if they’re out of sync with the intensity you’re feeling. Your ruler Saturn connects with Neptune this week, which should offset some of the social friction. You’re striving to build something new, cultivating a network of contacts and setting fresh objectives entailing teamwork, and now all of that will dovetail more clearly with imaginative thinking, a spiritual mindset and heightened intuition. Loosening up your habitual thought patterns and allowing a more fluid creativity to seep into your attitude enables you to perceive things more naturalistically and to absorb important information on another level.


aquarius zodiac sign illustrationAQUARIUS

January 20–February 18

Work relationships or your duties in relationships could suffer this week when pleasant Venus gets bumped around by Pluto and Uranus. Private psychological turmoil and unconscious jealousy, anger or control issues may pose problems, while mental detachment, fractious communication, ambivalence, nervous energy, boredom or independent thinking may as well. If you are feeling angry and bored, your daily routine will probably irritate you in some way. And if you’re feeling rather dark in general, fun, creativity, romance and dealing with children will seem out of step with your mood. But on a more positive note, the focus you’re putting on your career or other forms of public achievement is paying off in a way that you may not even realize. Your ideals about financial security are evolving, as you perhaps adopt a more spiritual attitude toward wealth. Maybe you’re feeling more Zen about money and possessions, gaining faith that the universe will provide for you. Or you’re lifting a symbolic burden by getting rid of unnecessary stuff. In any case, the connection between your ambition and your worth is teaching you something about reaping what you sow.


pisces zodiac sign illustrationPISCES

February 19–March 20

Romance, personal pleasure, love, creativity, play, affection, children—Venus in your joy sector is pulling you toward some or all of that. But when Pluto and Uranus gang up on Venus this week, group pressure, changes in friendships, pressing goals, financial fluctuations and anxiety over money can all kill your buzz. At the same time, an old behavior pattern, domestic activity or working from home could clash with networking, socializing and current objectives, and you may feel torn between long-term gains and short-term fun. But as you continue to figure out what you need to do to ensure your success, you’ll courageously and diligently build a vision of your future that’s anything but pie in the sky. Working to master the game of life and staying on the challenging path that you’re constructing for yourself is helping you to actualize your ideals. You’re not only working at learning, but learning how to work, and in the process you’ll find you’re doing your dreams rather than merely dreaming them.


aries zodiac sign illustrationARIES

March 21–April 19

Balancing home and work may prove taxing this week, when Venus in your domestic angle faces off against Pluto in your career sector. Family relationships, a redecorating project, the desire to nest or have people over—any of these may clash with job goals or pressure from someone who has power over you. Venus also spars with Uranus in your sign, so your independence, impulsiveness and rebelliousness are likely to make it trickier to get along with people. Forceful speech may need modifying, as it probably won’t go over well with an authority figure. Just that feeling of someone having authority over you makes you bristle now. Talk yourself down if you have to, and tweak your approach. During the last several months, Saturn has been schooling you in the reality of sharing your life with other people. Acclimating to someone else’s values and coping with issues of trust, dependence and merging have taught you about yourself. Digging deeper into things that you previously considered too complex, messy or depressing is helping to put you in a more spiritual place. And this intense emotional process is enabling you to release guilt and make peace with letting go. Aries is excellent at starting fresh, but the step before that is letting go.


taurus zodiac sign illustrationTAURUS

April 20–May 20

Amicable Venus is in your communication house, increasing everyday socializing and the pleasure you take in little things like running into a friend on the street and catching up over coffee. But Venus encounters heavyweights Pluto and Uranus this week, so simple pleasures may be overshadowed by obsessive beliefs, domineering opinions or your changing outlook on the future, and unconscious compulsions or rebelliousness, an urge for personal space and surfacing secrets could also cause disruption. Close relationships are stabilizing and maturing you, even if some days it just feels like they’re testing you. Learning from other people and living up to your commitments to them will enhance a feeling of kindred spirit and help you to find a foothold in the next chapter of your life. The reality of partnership is illustrating where you leave off and others begin and teaching you not to idealize people in such a way that you do a disservice to the relationship. Honest communication and affection can strengthen a connection, and the work of sharing interests and goals will facilitate finding your clan.


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  1. Is it just me or are the FP horoscopes a bit dark ? While they are quite accurate in terms of challenges being face that week – it would be nice to have some inspiration included.

  2. yeaah they do focus a lot on the negatives dont they! I wish they would leave out the dark parts sometimes

  3. Hi Amy. I write the horoscopes ( or @astrotherapist on Twitter.) What sign are you?
    Hi Katrina and Anna. I definitely agree that it’s good to mix light in with the dark. The ratio just depends on what the planets are doing each week. This week has three small-to-medium-size challenging planetary happenings and one bigger positive one. Oftentimes the positive ones are subtler—we tend not to notice what’s flowing easily the way we notice what’s tripping us up. I feel there’s inspiration in each forecast, but if you don’t, that’s helpful for me to know. I can’t leave the dark parts out of the horoscopes though, or they won’t reflect our full life experiences! I’m curious to hear what signs you are.
    Have a lovely week, everyone! xx

  4. Wow. I just experienced a death and was feeling incredibly guilty because I had not been with him during his final moments. I was selfish and new I couldn’t stand seeing him slip away. I’m an Aries and the advice to move on & let go was exactly what I needed. I feel like its him speaking to me, saying he understands my decision and not to feel guilty.

  5. I am not a firm believer of astrology, but been following the horoscope on fp for some time now. I have been struggling with a lot of things recently (I am Pisces), but this weeks horoscope made me feel, I am on the right path.

  6. Tracy, you’re just all sorts of awesome. I swear I never have astrology readings quite like yours. They’re spot on and just…Gosh, thanks FP for getting Tracy in on this wonderful blog you have. It’s become a weekly ritual.

  7. I’m surprised at how accurate the horoscopes are every week! I always check out mine (Scorpio) & my husbands (Aries) and we both look forward to the weekly reading. Definitely one of the best features on this blog.

  8. Hi Liv. Thanks for sharing that, and I’m so sorry for your loss. Grief is a process, and guilt can get us stuck. Releasing the guilt will allow you to move through the grief process in your own way. Be gentle and patient with yourself, even though that’s not always the easiest thing for an Aries:)
    Susanne, Niki and Rachelle: Great to hear that you’re getting something from the horoscopes! And it’s cool to picture people making a little ritual of reading them. We need more rituals in our modern lives. Enjoy your week…..xxT

  9. Is it true that your actual horoscope sign is the month you were conceived and not your actual birth month? For example, i was born in oct so therefore i should be looking into reading capricorn horoscope.

  10. Me too, Meg!
    And Shelley, you are so welcome, Miss Libra.
    Johanna, to do that you’d have to know when in January you were conceived, since for a third or so of the month the sun is in Aquarius. But “your sign” is simply the sign the sun was in when you were born—not when you were conceived. Your chart captures the moment you entered the world as a singular being. Hope that helps!

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