Sacred Geometry: Inspired By Our Lookbook

I can’t get enough of our latest lookbook, Sacred Geometry! The styling is a step towards fall, with a darker edge to it and the introduction of light layering. Geometric shapes and patterns were a huge inspiration for this trend, which is evident through the presence of stripes, bold patterns, and interesting silhouettes. Boxy tops and harem pants are accented with tribal prints and dark florals, and a touch of lace for femininity. I was inspired by the concept behind the lookbook and loved the idea of harsh geometric lines and shapes in contrast to the organic free flowing quality of nature. In reading a bit about it, I learned that sacred geometry is the form of geometry used in the planning and construction of religious architecture, like churches and temples, as well as sacred groves and gardens, and it has been said that the study of sacred geometry has its roots in the study of nature.

Shop the lookbook.

sacred geometry inspiration

Beach Day Stripe Mini, New Modern Fedora, Hard Bangle Set.

sacred geometry inspiration

Vegan Leather Hooded Moto Jacket, Black Rebel Harem Pant, We The Free Everyday Tee, Stone Topped Circle Necklace, Hard Bangle Set.

sacred geometry inspiration

Black Rebel Harem Pant, Windows To My Soul Pullover, Hard Bangle Set.

sacred geometry inspiration

Tie Dye Stripe Hoodie, Seamed Moto Skinny, Ballantine Ankle Boot.

sacred geometry inspiration

FP New Romantics Echo Me Top, Discharge Bali Flare, Hard Bangle Set.

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fall is my favorite time of the year as far as clothing goes. I love the transitional period from warm weather and cooler weather. This lookbook is beautiful! -I love Martha Hunt, and I really like her new hair color!

Learn how to make a super simple Specimen Tray!


Love the look book! When does the July catalog drop and where was it shot?? :-) can’t wait!

I love the texture and color palette! That long tunic in the first image is perfect.


no flower of life or metatron’s cube….real sacred geometry! :)

Anabel humble

I love sacred geomety. You are a very smart and beautiful girl. The clothes are beautiful as well. HARE KRSNA.


Absurdly pretty!

What can I say more.

The first one especially, slays me. Nature and a simple style on a beautiful person.


Earthy style, I should say