Hair Love: Accessorizing The Low Bun

Lately we are all about the low bun here at Free People. I love the effortless look of hair pulled back and knotted in a messy bun at the back of the neck – and how it appears very chic and put-together at the same time. To create a little more interest, I love adding in accessories like hair combs and bun picks.

We have a whole bunch of bun accessories in our bun shop online right now and I’m so blown away by how simple yet beautiful they are. What’s great about these is that they work for all kinds of hairstyles, whether it’s curly, straight, short, or long. Today I just wanted to share some of my favorite pieces as well as some ideas for incorporating them into a low bun!

Bun accessories

Our photo editor (shown in the top photo) has medium-length hair with beautiful curls. We just twirled her hair around once, stuck a bun pick through it, and she was good to go!

Braided blonde bun

Our social media intern has really long, smooth, straight hair. We put it in a braid and twisted it around until it was in the shape of the bun you see above. We held it in with a few bobby pins and added a bun comb in a crescent moon shape — one of my favorites!

Red bun

I always love wearing a bun at the side of my head because then you’re able to catch a glimpse of it from the front. I twirled my hair around 2 or 3 times, used a bun comb at the top and then stuck a bun pick straight through the middle, which really helped hold it all together. I left some shorter pieces of hair hanging out in the front and finished the look off with some fresh flowers because, why not?!

Low bun

FP Jana has awesome bun-making hair because it’s light and there’s a lot of it. Here she pulled it back in a messy bun without even using a mirror. She secured it with a hair tie and topped it off with a gold-wing bun comb. I love this particular comb because of the beautiful turquoise stone!

Peruse our bun shop for more lovely bun accessories.

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10 years ago

OMG those hair clips are beautiful.

10 years ago

I am obsessed with the way this looks. So so beautiful!

Juliette Laura

10 years ago

Too cute! I love low messy buns, and these accessories accent them perfectly. I especially like the crescent moon bun comb!
Check out my blog!! Halfway to Harmony

10 years ago

How to make this hair? It is so beautiful!

10 years ago

Please Please do a video on how to ‘bun’ your hair..I have been wanting to wear it for so long but my medium length curly hair just does stay put in a bun.

10 years ago

Love those clips! I have some of my own that I found on Etsy that just sit in my drawer. This has inspired me to use them more. Thanks!