DIY Paint Can Planters

This guest post comes from contributor FP Naomi.

I came up with the idea for these planters after repainting several rooms in my house. Left with a pile of paint cans, I wanted to come up with a second life for them rather than just throw everything away. Pretty quickly, the idea for a planter came to mind. My South Philadelphia home has a small concrete backyard, and I’ve been trying to fill it with plants like crazy to soften it up. Several ideas bounced around in my head for weeks until I decided to cover them in rope. It seemed too easy, so I threw on a painted design and then hung them from hooks to not take away standing room.

**One thing to note is that these should not be used for edibles. Paint is full of all kinds of toxins that you’d never want absorbed into your food.

You’ll Need:

–          An empty gallon-size paint can

–          50ft. 3/8in. sisal rope

–          Hot glue gun & glue

–          White acrylic paint

–          Paint brush

–          Painter’s tape

–          Hook & rope for hanging



diy paint can planter

Remove the label from your paint can, and let your glue gun heat up. Starting at the bottom, begin wrapping rope around the circumference, securing with glue every two inches. You’ll need to cut and restart the rope to go around the handles. Be sure to keep your rows tight, so you don’t get gaps showing in between layers of rope.

diy paint can planter

Tape off a triangle ladder pattern by making a little stair every five rows of rope. The final stair will only be three rows.

diy paint can planter

Paint within the taped off area. Be sure to use some water to thin and spread paint as you go.

diy paint can planter

Remove tape and let dry. When you’re ready, plant, hang, and enjoy!

diy paint can planter

Check out Naomi’s blog, Numie Abbot.

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10 years ago

Oh wow these came out SO well. I love it! Next time I have paint cans I will definitely do this!

xo, Juliette Laura

10 years ago

What a coincidence! I just decorated up a few old coffee cans for my expanding “urban garden” :)

<3 dani

10 years ago

I got to the bottom of my giant coffee can this morning and was literally just thinking of things I could do with it!

10 years ago

I love this idea & all the ideas from this blog. I’m on holiday in the French mountains at the moment and I love trying new things from this blog! Also the photography from this blog is perfecttttttttttt!! (and the videos)xx

10 years ago

Great idea! I just recently painted my daughters room and I can use the cans.

Pretty! This has been an extremely wonderful post. Thank you for providing this info.

Annette Bolcarovic
8 years ago

Love these ideas Thank you