DIY Shell Bracelet From Honestly WTF

This guest post is courtesy of our friends Honestly WTF!

Summer may soon be coming to an end, but that isn’t preventing us from taking a piece of the beach with us into fall. With a cute cowrie shell, colorful tassel and some brassy beads, this easy to make bracelet is what endless summers are all about.

diy shell bracelet

You’ll need:

diy shell bracelet

Start by cutting a 5 inches off the knotting cord – set it aside for later. Then thread half of the knotting cord through one end of the cowrie shell. Tie it into a knot.

diy shell bracelet

Bring the other end of the cord across the middle section of the shell and tie a knot on the other side.

diy shell bracelet

Cut a few strands of embroidery floss and fold them over one side of the knotting cord.

diy shell bracelet

Take the extra strand of cord and tie it tightly around the top of the folded floss into a double knot. Trim away any excess. Fray and separate the threads of the embroidery floss.

diy shell bracelet

Start threading brass beads onto both ends of the bracelet. Once the desired length is reached, fold the cord at the end of the bracelets into each of the cord crimps.

diy shell bracelet

Use a pair of pliers to squeeze the cord crimps shut. Trim away any excess cord.

diy shell bracelet

Use pliers to add on a jump ring on one end and a clasp to another. Your shell bracelet is finished!

diy shell bracelet

Post courtesy of Honestly WTF.

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diy embellished shell cuffs

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What a great way to use a shell that you collected while traveling. :)

Oh goodness I adore this bracelet. I love Free People and Honestly WTF, so this is perfect! Love it!

xo, Juliette Laura

Finally something to do with all these shells I’ve collected since being a kiddo <3
{<3} Annejelina

Two DIY’s in one day!! I love it!!

so cute! my friend, who makes and sells crafts online, would love this idea, especially since she just moved to the beach

It’s so nice to have a little bit of Summer as we move into the Fall.

Sweet idea! Loving this bracelet!

Can you please do a DIY on how to make an Autumn or Winter bracelet?

Oh that is SO lovely! Neat idea!

Such a darling DIY project ! We love the way the brass elevates the look and, of course, who could ever object to a lovely pop of color by way of a tassel – we admire our box full of them daily!


woooow great idea!!! ☺


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You have made really so nice and very beautiful post, Thank for sharing with us. It looks really very beautiful and unique.

This shell bracelet looks very nice.
I love this DIY!

Please keep up the good work.

Wow! great idea. I do bracelets myself and sell them but i find that your model has something delicate and simple yet different. Very indie.

What a wonderful DIY trick! I think I want to make some soon at home. Keep spreading good vibe, xoxoxo

Very creative.

These really do look the best. I’ll definitely be having a go at making these but guaranteed they won’t turn out the same as yours.

Best Wishes
Shaun Bird

This is awesome, they look great when you hang them up on your garden furniture aswell. My wife and kids had a lot of fun creating it, thanks for the guide.