New Music Video We Love: Wild Belle “Another Girl”

Remember when music videos were a huge thing? Every time an artist released a single there would be a video to accompany it, giving you even more insight into the artist’s artistic vision. I can remember tuning in to MTV to watch music video premieres, full of anticipation.  These days artists do still make videos, but it’s no longer a “requirement,” and it’s rare that I see something that makes me actually want to sit and watch all the way through.  Leave it to Wild Belle to come along and make something so cool and beautiful that not only can I not look away, I can’t stop watching. If you read this blog you know how much I love this band, and my love for them is only growing.  The brother-sister duo have such a unique sound that combines old-school soul and modern dance-able beats, making it impossible to sit still when you hear them.  Natalie Bergman’s voice scratches at your soul, and she carries herself with such strength and grace you can’t stop watching her — especially when she tosses her hair around and stares deep into the camera as she sings.  I am endlessly inspired by this pair…what artists are you most inspired by?

wild belle another girl

wild belle another girl

wild belle another girl



  1. oh my! I’m so stoked that I decided to check FP blog out, fallin’ in love with a new artist is the best, can’t get enough of these guys!!

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