6 Natural Remedies For Headaches

Headaches aren’t fun. Anytime I’ve ever experienced one, I can’t focus… I can’t seem to get anything done. All I want to do is shut myself off from the world around me until the pain dissipates. During a change in seasons, headaches unfortunately become quite common, so as the days grow colder, I wanted to share some natural remedies for headaches.

There are many different types of headaches, and different bodies respond differently to different treatments, so I would recommend testing various remedies until you find the ones that work best for you.

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1. Water

Dehydration is known to be one of the main causes of headaches. We all know we should be drinking a certain amount of water per day, but oftentimes it’s easier said than done. If you feel a headache coming on, it helps to stop and think about how much water you’ve had that day, and then drink up accordingly. As a preventative measure, it’s great to make an effort to drink an adequate amount of water every day. You’ll reap so many other benefits, too, from the removal of toxins from the body to the emergence of radiant skin — and so much more.


2. Tea

Drinking certain kinds of tea – like ginger, peppermint, or chamomile – can help ease headaches of all kinds. Ginger is great for migraines in that in inhibits the synthesis of prostaglandin (which helps send pain signals to the brain), as well as soothes feelings of nausea, which often accompany migraines. Peppermint is thought to help reduce spasms in the stomach, which may actually help to relieve headaches – and since peppermint is additionally known to help soothe nausea, it may also be a good option for relieving migraines. Chamomile can also be used to treat (and prevent) headaches, as it relaxes the muscles and helps reduce stress (a common headache cause).

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3. Essential Oil

Aromatherapy has been used for centuries as a way to relieve pain. Some of the most effective types for relieving headaches are lavender, peppermint, and eucalyptus. To use, you can mix a few drops of essential oil with water or coconut oil and rub onto your temples, neck, and shoulders. Another way to use aromatherapy is to add a few drops of essential oil to a warm bath. The combination of the warm water and beautiful scent will be incredibly relaxing as your headache dissipates.


4. Acupressure

Acupressure can help relieve headaches by easing muscle tension and releasing endorphins, which are the body’s natural painkillers. The best acupressure points for headaches are:

– The forehead  — directly between your eyebrows

– The temples

– The back of the neck — right in the middle

– The top of the head — right in the middle, in line with your ears

– The hand — the web between your thumb and pointer finger

– The top of the foot — between your big toe and the one next to it

Use your thumbs to apply pressure or the pads of your fingers to massage the area in a circular motion. Continue to hold these points for about 1-2 minutes, or until the area begins to feel warm.

A word of caution: Acupressure can cause dizziness or lightheadedness, so use caution if you begin to feel this way.

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5. Relaxation

Relaxation always seems to pop up as a cure for numerous ailments – and headaches are another to add to the list. Many headaches are caused by stress and anxiety, so finding ways to relax can help treat them on the spot – and prevent them in the future. See our post on 15 ways to instantly relax for some inspiration!

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6. Apple Cider Vinegar

This remedy was actually a suggestion from one of the commenters on our Apple Cider Vinegar Uses & Benefits post (thank you!!). Intrigued, I did some research, and it turns out that apple cider vinegar has in fact helped give many people relief from headaches. There are two ways to do it: the ingestion method and the vaporization method. To ingest, you can dilute 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and drink all at once. This promotes blood flow throughout your body, as well as helps to balance the body’s pH level. You can also inhale apple cider vinegar vapor. To do this, put 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar in a pan with 2 cups of distilled water and bring to a boil. When you see the vapor begin to rise, turn off the heat. Then, put a towel over your head and carefully lean over the steam, taking slow, deep breaths until you feel the pain dissipate.

If you know of any other natural remedies for headaches, please comment and let us know!

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  1. i know not everyone has the time to do this when they have a headache, but taking a nap almost 100% of the time makes my migraines go away. Migraines run in my family for the women, very unfortunately! and we’re all about naps when they come along :) but that also might have to do with your triggers as I have realized mine are usually brought on by dehydration and lack of sleep.

  2. I’ve never mixed my peppermint oil with a carrier oil, like coconut, but putting a drop or two of the oil on my forehead and rubbing it in is my go-to remedy!!

  3. I just did a pain clinic at mayo clinic in Rochester for my migraines. They’re advice:
    -drink 2 liters of water a day.
    -diaphragmatic breathing when you feel pain
    -excercise regularly
    -get your suggested amount of sleep every night, but try not to take naps
    -don’t drink caffeine when a headache comes on in case of rebound headaches
    -practice relaxation throughout the day
    They said people who get headaches and migraines are not the same as other people and need to prepare and live their lives differently to prevent the pain.

  4. Soo true about the peppermint oil. I used to have chronic headaches all the time (now luckily I don’t) but I still get the occasional headache, and what I found works amazingly is peppermint oil! You wouldn’t think it would be so powerful but it works so welll. Saje, a natural remedy/essential oil shop, sells a peppermint halo roll-on that is simply amazing. Or you could totally make your own- I find it works the best if I put it on my temples and my forehead. Love it!

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  6. Thank you so much for this very helpful post. I have been getting headaches daily for a while now and I am pretty certain, after having read this post, that I am not drinking enough water.

  7. For my headaches I use peppermint oil on my forehead and temples, or I diffuse lavender oil, both smell good and work for me! If your interested in where to get a high quality oil contact me by phone or email 210-819-3803 joelhuerta1214@Gmail.com I can send you a free sample, hope my personal experience with natural oils was helpful.

  8. Headache is most common medical complaint. People of all ages get headache from time to time. There are common causes of headache include stress, tension, restlessness, migraines and lack of sleep

  9. Thanks for the wonderful article brigette
    Prevention is also a large part in treating migraine headaches. Here are tips to help prevent migraines from occurring or at least lessen their impact.

    Find a calm environment – turn off the lights, apply cold compresses on your neck and head
    Sleep well – establish regular sleep hours, unwind at the end of the day, minimize distractions, check your medications
    Eat wisely – document meals in a food diary to find food triggers, don’t skip meals, avoid trigger foods, eat consistently
    Exercise – often and at the level recommended by your doctor
    Manage stress – don’t rush, finish assignments early, make to-do lists
    Keep a migraine diary – learn triggers, patterns, causes
    Strive for balance – meditate, practice yoga, stay calm


  10. Eating mushrooms helps me! Just fry them in a pan for a min and eat , they truly do help within minutes.

  11. Thanks for sharing the remedies for headache. Headache can really screw the day. There are so many factors such as Deadlines, tension, stress etc which are responsible for this unwanted trouble. I usually suffer from it and I will try these remedies and hope it would help. For more tips you can refer to the link

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