Blogger Diary: Embracing Fall

I’ve always felt that fall is the most magical season. Those true fall days are certainly fleeting and, to me, it’s an important thing to embrace them while I can. When I was younger, there was never a fall that went by without a day of family pumpkin picking, followed by pumpkin painting. Now that I’m older, it’s a lot easier to let those gorgeous crisp days slip away right in front of my eyes. Every weekend is filled with places to go, people to see, and things that must be done. Amidst all of the happenings this year, I needed to make sure I was taking the time to embrace fall, just like those childhood days. And so I did.

My friends and I spent Sunday afternoon at a little family-owned farm just outside the city. It was a beautiful day. The air was cool yet lacking a chill, and the sunlight hit our surroundings just right. We took a hayride, explored a pumpkin field, learned a bit about the farm, and laughed the afternoon away. It was just what the season called for.


Corn on the cob




Pumpkin patch


Pumpkin picking

Girls on hayride

Beanie, cornfield

This season, remember to embrace fall.

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  1. I absolutely love fall! All the beautiful colors that the leaves turn, and then watching them float down to the ground…it’s magical..

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