About A Girl: Lana, Our Senior Store Manager

You all know this instance… when you meet someone for the first time, yet it feels like just yesterday the two of you were reminiscing on family and childhood fun. Yes, those that you’ve known for seconds are also subsequently the same person you’ve known for years.

Lana is one of these souls.

She recently moved to San Francisco from Philly… A Free People staple, she has worked for the company for almost ten years and exudes the free spirited easy-goes-it spirit that is so true, so her, so completely original.

I met Lana in her new neighborhood (Bernal Heights) in San Francisco… a city I lived in for nearly 5 years before moving out to Sonoma for farm life. I had my happy feet on as we walked around stopping into shops and chatting about life, love, and purpose.

When I asked about the duo “love” tattoos she wears on each arm. A simple answer… “I’m in love with love.”

Yes, she’s a keeper.

free people style inspiration

Lana is wearing the FP New Romantics Paris in the Morning Tunic.

arm tattoos

arm tattoos

succulence san francisco

free people senior sm lana

jewelry and jeans

succulence san francisco

girl in kimono

air plants

How would you best describe San Francisco if it were a person?

A modern day hippie.

Your favorite find thus far since living there?

Hillside Supper Club. We stopped here on the night we found out we got our apartment in Bernal Heights. It’s just a few blocks away. The chef-owned restaurant has the kindest, most welcoming staff. We immediately felt like a part of the community, and have stopped back there frequently, be it for a warm cookie, dinner, a drink or brunch. Their motto “come as strangers, leave as friends” could not be more true.

You’ve worked at Free People for years now… what do you love most about your job?

I’ve been with URBN Inc. for almost 10 years! FP coming up on 4 years next month. I absolutely love the women (& men!) who make up this brand. I’ve moved from coast to coast (more than once!) and have always had a family within the brand.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

I want to live in the Netherlands some day. The simplicity in lifestyle seems so lovely.

Three things you would love to learn/master/execute…

Learn: To knit.

Master: Yoga.

Execute: Hosting my family at our tiny SF apartment (that’s 11 people!) for Thanksgiving next month.

Tell me about your ink….

I started when I was 18… and haven’t stopped. I only ever wanted things that made me happy, or made me smile. So… I happen to have a lot of silly/pretty/happy tattoos. Not many of them mean anything, but probably 1/2 of them are best friend tattoos!

You wouldn’t ever wear…..

A bodycon dress.

Coffee or tea?

Coffee. Every day. Black.

Favorite decade?

70’s. Cliche? Maybe, but I’d want to go back and hang out with my mom.

Keith or Mick?

Believe it or not, I didn’t grow up listening to rock and roll. It was folk or oldies, or show tunes. So I pick Stevie Nicks. :)

If you have to choose one outfit to wear for a year… what would that choice be?

A maxi dress, killer pair of boots, and my fringe leather jacket.

What does your future look like… 5 years from now say?

Hopefully still in SF (I have a knack for not staying in one place for very long), always with FP, even deeper in love with my man… more traveled, wiser…

Paint me a picture of you at 70 years of age….

A true meadow. Long white hair, flowy maxi dresses and kimonos, living in a cottage on a mountain with my love. Growing our own food, strong and healthy…

Love is…

Being known and accepted/appreciated for exactly who you are.

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OMG she’s ADORABLE!!! I love her tattoos soo much!!!!!

Lana seems like a person really worth talking to. I love that not all her tattoos actually mean something. Sometimes, all you need is something to make you smile. And I totally agree that if San Francisco were a person, it would be a modern day hippie. How fortunate you have both been to have had the opportunity to live in such a beautiful city rich in culture and history. My husband and I swear we will live there one day too. :)


Love her!

MacK @ SoulMakes Blog


Lana, you are the best human, I am so happy I know you.

You have a warm and easy spirit that is so hard to find ;)
And with regards to your man, I know that you two are special kindred spirits that were meant to find each other.
Happy birthday dharlin…. LOVE YOU!


I have been blessed to have met the amazing Lana at her Walnut St store and we chatted like old girlfriends. She is a rare, special soul. I wish her much luck, love, and happiness in CA.


Happy Birthday to Lana!
Wonderful to see you shine through here :)

I love Lana! She is so sweet!

Lauren Bentley

Happy birthday sweet Lana!! I’m so glad all my trips to Portland Free People brought us together for crafts and cooking and baking and late night trips to anywhere with chocolate to chat. I love you to pieces!!


love this write up!


Nice interview:)
One thing though… As a girl from the Netherlands, I can tell you the lifestyle isn’t really simple. It’s actually not. With the crisi, the pressure of everyday life and everybody wanting more and more stuff, it’s not the best place to be right now, to be honest. There’s no simple life here. I love the seasons, but don’t come here to find simplicity, because you will be so very dissapointed. I’m sorry:(

Love her style, individuality and adorable tattoos :) Great feature!


Love her style! And I would agree with Stevie Nicks. :)


Happy Birthday Punkin! TGISF (thanksgiving in San Francisco)

Great post! Check out my lifestyle blog


Lana – a girl with knowing, and I am so blessed to. Love seeing you shine! Happy birthday lovely! :)


Lana rules. Wonderful to see you doing well in the big city!

Ahhmazing and my inspiration for the week <3


She’s adorable. Love her dress!


Aw! she seems so awesome! Does she have a blog or anything?


“Paint me a picture of you at 70 years of age….

A true meadow. Long white hair, flowy maxi dresses and kimonos, living in a cottage on a mountain with my love. Growing our own food, strong and healthy…”

…..requesting to live in the cottage next door ;)


Um did your dad just comment on your story Lana? I just about died from cuteness! This is so great!!!

Such a good interview!