Tattoo Inspiration (+ Meanings) From Around The Office

If you’re ever looking for some tattoo inspiration, look no further than this here blog. Our home office is overflowing with girls that have beautiful artwork displayed on their bodies, and the collection is ever-growing.

I love that every tattoo has a story, a meaning, or an inspiration. Even if it was a random, spur-of-the-moment decision, there’s always reason behind every tattoo, whether it be big or small; deep or light-hearted. This time around, I wanted to share not only some images of the gorgeous tattoos spotted around the office, but also the inspiration or meaning behind each one. I had each girl write a little bit about her tattoo — in her own words and her own handwriting – to give you a deeper look into these works of art. Enjoy this glimpse into the Free People tattoo world, and feel free to describe your own tattoos in the comments – you can even link us to a photo, if you’d like. We’d love to see. :)

First, here’s the inspiration behind the above image:


And now for the rest. :)

Feather tattoo


Wanderlust tattoo


Bicep design tattoo


Teepee ankle tattoo


Initials tattoo


Spine tattoo

Spine 2

Forearm flower tattoo


Bee tattoo


Stars tattoo


Thigh tattoo


One four three tattoo


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  1. Everything single tatto is beautiful and the meanings are so touching! I have three tattoos which I had done before I had children, I would like to get another that includes all three of my kids & hubby…still searching for the perfect inspiration.

  2. These are so beautiful! What great stories, thanks for sharing everyone!

    p.s. you’re totally making me want to get another tattoo!

  3. These are my favorite posts! I love reading the meanings and stories behind these beautiful pieces of art. Makes me that much more excited to get my first in a few weeks.

    Keep inspiring.

  4. im too young and afraid of needles but if i would have to tattoo something i would tattoo a moon. before my grandma passed away she would always tell me when i was away or traveling that when im feeling alone and i miss her i should look at the moon and know that is the same moon she is seeing, that was the way we would be united no matter the distance. a funny coincidence is that the night she died there was a lunar eclipse.

  5. Was in Copenhagen last week got a moon tattoo done while i was there, wasn’t a spontaneous decision, i book it weeks before i go. Actually wanted one done a while ago so why not have it done in Copenhagen.
    I got married young, blessed with 2 healthy beautiful babies, but takes a gut to leave a bad marriage and have a go at it alone as single mom. Moon ~ female power ~ mother ~ subtle strength ~ sensuality ~ mystery

  6. I have got an arrow tattoo for Intuition.

    There is up-side down heart instead of triangle of arrow is represent for courage in Latin symbol. And the feather is represent for bravery in Native American symbol. So there are three short straight lines between the up-side down heart and feather and it represent for body, mind, and soul – or past, present, and future.

    The meaning of the arrow tattoo is to be brave to follow your intuition, even if it’s scary to do so because you have got no idea what the big picture looks like, and it’s for the best. Intuition does know what your heart’s truly desire because it’s like your own compass to guide you through life.

  7. I recently got my first tattoo “Walk by Faith” with a small cross on my foot… two years ago I went through a divorce from the love of my life. Not even 2 months later I lost my job and had to find a way to support myself and my 3 year old son. I had to find my faith and trust in God that I would be ok. From that moment on every step I took, every decision I made, every change in my life I had Faith that it would lead me to a better place. Now 2 years later I have my own place, raise my child on my own, and have an amazing job and I couldn’t of done it without my Faith. Im looking to get my second tattoo in about a month or so which im super excited about

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  9. I’m very inspired by arrow tattoos. They are sleek and look very delicate and woman’s body no matter where placed. Sometimes I check this website to get more feminine-like sketches to choose from. It’s really nice

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