Alice & The Glass Lake At Space 15 Twenty

Last week, our Hollywood store hosted an incredible event with Alice & The Glass Lake. The whimsical beauty took on the stage of Space 15 Twenty, where she performed songs from her debut album “The Evolution” and premiered her newest video for “Coming Down”.

The video sports her donning some of our Free People favorites, along with beautiful graphics and dreamy scenes of escape. Her voice is both surprisingly powerful and quiet with thought provoking moments. She carries herself with assertion and charisma, knowing her musical style is hers and hers alone. We had the pleasure of spending time with Alice beforehand, meeting her at our Hollywood store while she rummaged happily through the racks and styled 3 of her favorite looks. A woman of artistic talent, of warm nature and spirit, and of natural effortless style… this is Alice Lake.

Alice and the Glass Lake


Get The Look: Drippy Wool Jacket, Shaggy Knit Pullover, Brocade Flocked Skinny

Alice & The Glass Lake


Get The Look: Knit Hooded Denim Jacket, Cross Stitch My Heart Slip, Jewel Crossbody

Alice and the Glass Lake

Alice and the Glass lake

Get The Look: French Courtship Slip

Alice and The Glass Lake

Alice and the Glass Lake

Watch Alice’s new video here.

Photography: Galen Oakes

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10 years ago

Oh my goodness she seems way cool! So unique. Watching her video now!

xo, Juliette Laura

10 years ago

Lover her style….she is so cool!!!

10 years ago

She is beautiful…love her style and her hair!

10 years ago

I went to the show and she is awesome : ) now i really want to buy that green lace dress she wore.