Embroidery Hoop Art From Etsy

I’ve always been drawn to circles and ovals, much more than any angled shapes. There’s something about a rounded shape that just feels pleasant – like an antique lace doily that, whenever you see it, brings the comfort of knowing you’re home. I didn’t even realize hoop art was a thing until just recently. But it most definitely is a thing, and now I’m in love. Beautiful embroidered designs on fabric, neatly held in an embroidery hoop, ready to be displayed on a wall in your home — whether alone or among dried flowers, picture frames, and the like. Shape… simplicity… a hand-done aspect … everything comes together in harmony in the beauty that is embroidery hoop art.

I got lost perusing Etsy’s hoop art section the other day and couldn’t help but share some of my favorites with you. Enjoy!

The fact that these adorable stitched people are wearing animal masks makes me melt. 



From CheeseBeforeBedtime.

This floral design is absolutely gorgeous — and I love the color palette against the wood.


From lovemaude.

Of course this crochet hoop would make me swoon. I also can’t get over the little flower/owl setup next to it. Too cute.


From TheLetterQHandmade.

I love how full of texture this piece is. And the layout is just so beautifully simple.


From elinart.

These notes are straight out of Moonrise Kingdom. The best.


From RugglesMade

I love how this artist used an oval hoop to emphasize the idea of a semi close-up landscape shot.


From sometimesiswirl.

The combination of ink and thread is so awesome — and I love the added interest of photographing the hoops next to some bits of nature.



From fricdementol.

One can never go wrong with arrows. I love the slight differences in each one — especially in the arrowheads.


From CaboPickles.

These just make me want to get up and go.



From ThreeRedApples.

Have any of you ever created embroidery hoop art? Link us to a picture!

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10 years ago

I love that this making a comeback, but with a modern twist!


10 years ago

I never thought of displaying crochet pieces in embroidery hoops. What a great idea; I guess I need to dust off my hook!

10 years ago

Yes!!! Stitching is such a release.. I even have my own Etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/tenfeetoffbeale

10 years ago

omg I love the one from moonrise kingdom

10 years ago

Love these so much! I haven’t come across much embroidery appreciation before. My grandma taught me how to embroider when I was little, so seeing embroidery hoop art gives me nostalgia.

10 years ago

There are so great! I had dabbled in embroidery art but would love to produce so hoop art like this!

10 years ago

Just wondering if you guys have any cool Christmas Tree Skirt DIY projects that you would like to share that we could use this year? :-) Something like the American flag you guys designed would be AWESOME!

What a fantastic round-up! Spotted some of my faves in there as well.

10 years ago

That’s awesome that you are supporting Etsy artists! I really like the one with arrows.

10 years ago

thanks for including my moonrise kingdom hoops! :)