Free People Horoscopes, Week of November 11-17

Horoscopes by Tracy Allen.

scorpio star sign illustrationSCORPIO

October 23–November 21

Mercury’s direct turn in your sign should begin to peel your gaze away from the rearview mirror and train it on the road ahead. When Mercury blends with imaginative Neptune (also coming out of retrograde) in your self-fulfillment house this week, you’ll be able to wrap your head around the concept of dreams actually coming to fruition. The Scorpio sun’s meeting with future-minded Jupiter in your perspective sector will do its part to improve your outlook, so take advantage of positive thinking and advance your vision in some way. Covetous Venus’s conjunction with powerful Pluto in your mindset zone intensifies your desires, but her clash with sporadic Uranus in your work-and-routine house repeats the frustrating theme of your day-to-day life not bending to your will quite yet. You may speak more candidly than you intended to, and the full moon in your relationship angle reminds you to consider other people’s feelings, but her sync-up with straightforward Mars in your humanity house buys you some credit. The moon’s message to Scorpios: Aim for a healthy balance between you and others.


sagittarius star sign illustrationSAGITTARIUS

November 22–December 21

The sun in your spirituality sector jibes with Jupiter in your sharing zone this week, putting you in a good mood. Time alone or with someone close to you will prove rejuvenating. In the weeks leading up to your birthday season, when the sun is hidden away in the last house of your chart, you can feel lethargic, but the sun’s meetup with your ruling planet Jupiter should help. Venus in your values house has bumpier meetings with Uranus and Pluto, though, so you may find yourself wanting something very badly one minute and having a change of heart the next. A full moon lands in your work zone later in the week and clicks with just-do-it Mars in your goals angle and Jupiter in your joint-ventures house. You could be reaching a minor turning point in your daily routine or your job responsibilities now. Assertive, focused action and asking for guidance can help you to make a needed shift.


capricorn star sign illustrationCAPRICORN

December 22–January 19

Everyone is affected this week when Venus, planet of desire, tussles with dispassionate Uranus and passionate Pluto, but Capricorns especially so since Venus and Pluto are in your sign. Your feelings are likely to heat up, but you may get a chilly reaction, given the push-pull nature of this planetary configuration. Venus adds to your allure, while Pluto adds to your power, but with wild-card Uranus in your emotions angle you may even get who or what you want and still feel somewhat insecure. Try to get a handle on your own feelings without obsessing over what’s going on with other people. A full moon in your self-expression sector highlights the need for you to make your own happiness, and yet its opposition to the sun in your group zone calls for you to remember that your personal fulfillment is not wholly unrelated to the web of people in your life. The sun’s hookup with lucky Jupiter in your relationship house underscores how fortuitous your connections can be.


aquarius star sign illustrationAQUARIUS

January 20–February 18

The sun in your ambition angle gels with Jupiter in your work sector this week, inspiring you with a broader vision of your professional life. Expand your view of the potential paths in front of you, and you may feel lucky enough to take more chances. Happy in your current job? You’ll be in a frame of mind now to take on more of a leadership role. But it’s not easy to sort out what you want, with Venus in your subliminal sector—and her brushes with unpredictable Uranus and overpowering Pluto will make some days tumultuous. You might find yourself verbalizing a secret desire or having a sudden revelation regarding your true wants. Even if you feel socially off, if you learn more about what’s inside you, you’ll come out ahead. The full moon in your foundation angle nudges you back to the basics. Consider what you need to feel comfortable and emotionally secure. Spend time at home or with family, a good friend or significant other to center yourself.


pisces star sign illustrationPISCES

February 19–March 20

Your dreams are put back in motion by Neptune’s direct turn in Pisces this week, which will gradually restore your faith. Mental Mercury just went direct in your vision sector as well and is clicking with imaginative Neptune. To top it all off, the energizing sun harmonizes with optimistic Jupiter in your self-expression house, injecting you with additional enthusiasm to pursue whatever fulfills you most. Don’t simply revel in positive feelings, though. Ride this encouraging wave by selling yourself, promoting a cause or pitching your plans. Sociable Venus is in your networking zone and clashing with erratic Uranus and domineering Pluto now, so interactions with friends and colleagues may throw your confidence off—partly because you want something from people rather badly. The full moon in your communication sector and assertive Mars in your relationship angle underline the importance of straight talk and a direct approach. You may need to see things from a different angle or get more information before you can manifest your vision.


aries star sign illustrationARIES

March 21–April 19

If your work isn’t stimulating enough or you’re frustrated over how long it’s taking to redirect your career path or make progress with current goals, those feelings will get triggered this week when Venus in your ambition angle encounters fast-change Uranus and slow-change Pluto. You probably share Uranus’s stance that you ought to have more autonomy and this shift in your life direction should happen faster—or at least be more fun. But dominant Pluto serves as a reminder that you’re obliged to answer to other people and work within some type of system. A full moon in your worth zone shines a light on your assets, contrasting what you can get for yourself and what you need others for. Utilizing all the talents you’ve got going for you, improving your skills and working smarter will boost your confidence and eventually your finances, too. Spend time at home—by yourself or with someone close to you—in order to revive your faith in your foundation.


taurus star sign illustrationTAURUS

April 20–May 20

With your ruler Venus squaring off with detached Uranus before bumping into embroiled Pluto this week, it’s hard to find a happy medium between freedom and control. You may be in the mood for travel and new experiences and get the impulse to jump into something right away. But Pluto won’t let you coast on carefree feelings now. He’ll put someone or something in the way, even if it’s just your own reservations about taking risks—making for an interesting lesson in caution versus chance. The full moon in Taurus harmonizes with bold Mars in your self-expression house and expansive Jupiter in your communication sector, encouraging you to let your emotions out. When the moon is in your sign, your needs and feelings come to the forefront, and when it’s at its fullest, they reach critical mass, demanding attention. Now that verbal Mercury is direct in your relationship angle, you’ve got all green lights ahead to talk about what’s on your mind—or in your heart.


gemini star sign illustration 2GEMINI

May 21–June 20

Creative solutions present themselves when your ruling planet Mercury (now getting back up to speed after three weeks retrograde) clicks with imaginative Neptune in your goals house this week. Your career, health and habits are all areas for your brain to work some magic. Keep track of your good ideas now, as they may escape you later. When the vitalizing sun in your efficiency zone blends with optimistic Jupiter in your assets sector, you’ll have the energy you need to do something better. If you know there’s a tweak you could make to your work methods or your daily routine that would help you feel better about yourself—and perhaps even improve your finances—push yourself to start now. A full moon closes out the week on a meditative note, as it lights up your solitude-and-spirituality house. Active Mars in your domestic angle syncs with the moon, suggesting that you might work on making your home environment more peaceful. Consider simple fixes that could soothe your soul.


cancer star sign illustrationCANCER

June 21–July 22

The sun is shining in your fulfillment house and this week, it harmonizes with Jupiter in Cancer, giving you a burst of energy and full permission to express and enjoy yourself. Creativity, hobbies, fun and romance are emphasized when the sun is in this part of your chart. Friendly Venus in your relationship angle may also be drawing you to romance or you may just be in the mood for companionship. But Venus’s run-ins with freedom-loving Uranus and possessive Pluto make it challenging to negotiate the proper amount of personal space. And an unpredictable boss or work stress could also put a strain on your interactions. But don’t let the week’s friction cause you to crawl into your shell, because a full moon in your group sector is telling you that you need your friends and colleagues. Being around people will draw you out and remind you of the broader picture if you’re too caught up in your own thing.


leo star sign illustrationLEO

July 23–August 22

The sun in your roots angle gels with upbeat Jupiter in your intuition zone this week, filling you with positive energy. It’s not the kind of energy that makes you want to get going and accomplish something; it’s more internal than that. This has to do with being at peace with where you’re at and feeling good about letting go of the past because you’re hopeful about your future. Home is your happy place now, but work is a bit trickier. Sociable Venus in your job sector has to contend with erratic Uranus in your beliefs house and controlling Pluto, so a difference of opinion or power struggle with a coworker is possible. And the full moon in your ambition angle could bring strong emotions to the surface, especially if you’re not thrilled with your career progress or your boss. But the moon can also reveal where you’re stuck, coaxing you to change your situation if you need more money or more personal satisfaction.


virgo star sign illustrationVIRGO

August 23–September 22

Now that your ruler Mercury has gone direct in your communication zone, you’ll start to feel more like talking, and when Mercury syncs with mushy Neptune in your relationship angle this week, you may be inclined to get sentimental. Affectionate Venus repeats the theme, encountering daring Uranus in your intimacy house and intense Pluto in your love sector. Strong desire could drive you to take a chance on getting closer to someone. You may get what you want, but it’s likely to seem somewhat shaky—highlighting an ongoing struggle over fun and flirting versus commitment and trust. The full moon later in the week falls in your perspective zone, opening your mind to other matters. Doer Mars in Virgo and wise Jupiter in your networking house both make fortuitous angles to the moon, so think about what you can do and who you know that will help you learn more about something that interests you or bring fresh ideas and different cultures into your life.


libra star sign illustrationLIBRA

September 23–October 22

When your ruler Venus runs into two heavyweights—Uranus and Pluto—this week, your dealings with other people are apt to be rather uneven. You’re a relationship person and want to maintain a pleasant rapport with others, but their response is unpredictable now. Your desire for friendship or love or time with family becomes so strong that you might get more possessive or needy than you usually are, and someone may pull away. This isn’t about you, though. Venus is a social planet, Uranus is associated with detachment and Pluto represents control and jealousy. So we’re all on a relationship rollercoaster right now. While Venus is at the bottom of your chart, you’re prone to keeping your emotions to yourself. But the full moon in your intimacy sector emphasizes the need for closeness. Confide in someone you trust and know to be reliable. Talking to someone you don’t feel completely secure with is likely to escalate your uneasiness rather than bring comfort.


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