A Glimpse Inside Our Brand New Studio

The Free People web studio just got a BIG upgrade. Not just an upgrade — it’s in an entirely new space. I’ve been a part of the brand for just over a year and a half, and I’ve enjoyed watching it grow and change as the days have gone on. In recent months, the studio team — as well as our product assortment — seems to have outgrown the cozy studio space on the second floor of our building, so it was time for a big change. Welcome to our brand new studio.

The building that houses our new studio is a shared space with sister brands Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters, located right next door to our home of BLDG 25. Upon entering, you’re graced with huge windows and some lovely decor, including brilliant works of art done by our display team.

Free People Web Studio 12Around the corner and down the open hall you’ll find two beautiful, textured wooden doors — the doors that lead right into our studio.

Free People Web Studio 16

Free People Web Studio 1The first thing you’ll spot is our shoe area. No longer overflowing racks of shoes. Now, there’s an entire wall for them.

Free People Web Studio 13

Free People Web Studio 3Accessories are all displayed neatly along a large wall.Free People Web Studio 9I even love the way all the bracelets look on the wooden surface — they used to lay atop a metal table.Free People Web Studio 11Look at this color coordination of intimates!

Free People Web Studio 10There are two separate — large — spaces for hair and makeup to take place.Free People Web Studio 2

The stylists now have a space to put outfits together so that they can see how they’ll look before dressing the models.Free People Web Studio 7And as for the space where the photo-taking magic occurs… oh my word. Huge drapes hang from the very tall ceiling, separating one set from the next.┬áThe whole place just feels so open and new.Free People Web Studio 5I’m so excited for our studio team to be in this new space. They work incredibly hard and definitely deserve it. It’s such a treat to step foot inside and watch them do their thing. Thank you, studio team, for all of your incredible work!

Free People Web Studio 6

Free People Web Studio 15

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