Jewelry Gift Packaging Inspiration

I always love giving jewelry as a gift. Maybe it’s cliché, but I always feel like it comes from the heart… giving someone you love a beautiful adornment to wear on their body; something to keep forever; something to remind them of the relationship you share. I recently visited Terrain in Glen Mills, and fell in love with a jewelry display they had. It featured necklaces in little jewelry boxes filled with moss and crystals. It ignited a spark within me, and I knew I had to build a little bit on the idea and share it with you all.

Moss, twigs, pebbles, herbs

If you’re giving someone you love a piece of jewelry as a gift this holiday season, try filling the jewelry box with a piece of nature – whether it’s twigs, pebbles, herbs, or anything you can imagine – and lay the jewelry on top. It’s such a beautiful surprise. It’s incredibly visually appealing, and it adds an element of personalization, making the gift even more meaningful.

Jewelry packaging 1

I really love the way the Traveling Storm Ring looks in a bed of twigs — like a gorgeous little egg in a bird’s nest.

Jewelry packaging 2

This idea works really well with our Etched Plate Necklaces because you can use the etched word to inspire the material you use. I really liked using light-colored pebbles for “Moon Child” because they reminded me of rocks you’d find on the moon.

Jewelry packaging 4

Jewelry packaging 6

You all know how much I love using dried herbs… for everything. I placed hibiscus, chamomile, and lavender beneath the yellow Earths Treasure Ring. I love the way the colors all look together inside this midnight blue box.

Jewelry packaging 5

Using clear-colored stones really showcases a gorgeous ring like the Tear Drop Stone Ring.

Free People Moonchild necklace

What do you guys think — would you package a jewelry gift like this?

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10 years ago

This is such a cool idea!
I don’t think my family would really appreciate how unique that is, but a few friends might. Now I want to give them jewelry!
Britt @ One&20

10 years ago

Naturally, I love this!

MacK @ SoulMakes | Blog

10 years ago

I have never thought off adding stones, etc. to my small jewelry packages. What a clever (and pretty!) idea!

10 years ago

These are the cutest jewelry gift packaging ideas!

10 years ago

I love the natural element to this, very cute <3
xoxo Annejelina

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10 years ago

These ideas will be put to good use !!! I love them ! I never thought about using dried moss instead of the typical cotton padding in a jewelry gift box!! This idea is amazing and unique!!! I would love to get a ring in one of these lovely boxes!!

10 years ago

What a great idea, I will definitely use this up. The one with little branches is just adorable.
I’d be really happy to get a present like that :).


10 years ago


10 years ago

best idea EVERRRRRRR!

10 years ago

Great idea!
With natural element also, I have seen this super cute idea lately for a small jewel:comment image&size=440%2C373

A pendant or a ring in a nutshell…

10 years ago

I pack all the jewel to my customers and friends in a muslin bag sewed and handstamped by me, I think everyone is happy to know that care and thought were given to there gift :)

Love those twigs… so natural and pretty.

10 years ago

What a perfect idea! I’m especially smitten with the wanderlust and twig packaging! Would be so adorable to do a couple with fall leaves and flowers as well. Definitely going to try this out for my gift wrapping this year!


9 years ago

where can i find stones to use for pacakging like this ?

8 years ago

Where is the black box from that you packaged the ‘moon child’ neckace in?