Music We Love: Lucius

These two. What words can do these two remarkable women justice? Self proclaimed “wierdos” that loved to play in the dirt as children…. now touring the globe in head to toe matching outfits and voices that are finally now where they belong, together. These two can really sing. Once they found one another at the Berklee College of Music, the rest was history. Artistic soulmates, a kinship that was everything you would dream of in a partner in crime… natural, easy, and incredibly powerful. Their album “Wildewoman”, just released in October, already has been receiving wide (and large) acclaim.  For good reason – these two aren’t going anywhere but up, up, up.  Their creativity and personalities go beyond just natural talent. Kind, funny, quirky… with videos that remind you of the good ol’ days when you would race home from school to watch hours of music videos in silence.

Tell us what you think… and trust me, check their tour page and buy tickets, asap. They are absolutely stunning live.



  1. Love this girls! The fact that they proclaim themselves as “weirdos” makes them so much cooler than music artists who proclaim themselves as cool

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  2. I saw them live at a party a few months ago and fell in love with their music. Their vocal chemistry and mind-blowing talent is really punctuated live. I got to hang out with them quite a bit, and they’re the sweetest. Also, hilarious. Keep on spreading the Lucius love!

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