Scenes From The Office

The weather was beautiful in Philly this week. A little cool, but blue & sunny skies all day. The light was amazing, inside and outside of the office. Have a look!

navy yard light

walking down the hallway

catalogs on the table

sun lit chair

holding a tiny pinecone

red tree outside

This tree is right outside of our building, and the leaves have turned the most beautiful red color. Throughout the day, the hue changes with the change in light. Nature at its finest. :)

upstairs conference room light

lights in a mason jar

cute dog

Have a great weekend!

More scenes from the office.

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  1. our weather here in the mtns. has been so strange – it went down to the 20’s earlier in the week and then back up to the 60’s…I love fall and I don’t want to see it go…love your polka dot thumb nail ;)

  2. Here in Finland it’s already dark and cold but I like it :) If it’s dark, all the lights look brighter and we’ve had the first snow, yay! Your mason jar is cute!

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