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There’s something in the world of jewelry that I’ve been getting pretty excited about lately: statement earrings. We’ve all been lusting over beautiful boho statement necklaces for quite some time, but I’m really happy to see similar jewels make their way to the forefront in the form of earrings.

I love how a pair of coin earrings look dangling gently from your ear with your hair tossed up in a messy knot, or how — with hair down — a fringe earring can catch your eye, peeking out from behind wavy locks. There’s something so charming — so delicate and feminine — about adorning the ear with beautiful bits of metal that I just can’t seem to get out of my head. Whether alone or paired alongside some pretty studs, I’m all about bringing the focus to the ear with statement earrings this season… especially for the holidays. :)

Earrings on white

Earrings in a dish


Earrings on flower backgroundShown here: Ombre Crystal Stud Bar, Coin Drop Statement Earring, Cluster Chain Long Fringe Earring, Fine Fringe Earring, Tiny Cluster Set of 6 Studs.

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  1. I love how those earrings makes you look more gorgeous with some simple messy hair. Great post, love it. Thanks for sharing this post to us. Keep posting!

  2. how do i purchase some? not good with the internet and want to get the ones in the bottom picture for my girlfriend for christmas…

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