At Home With Jessica Mau

Last week, I had the true pleasure of spending a morning with the lovely Jessica Mau. Surely you recognize her as one of our favorite models… but I wanted to give you all a deeper glimpse into Jessica’s dreamy life.

A closer interior view rather than the usual exterior, if you will. I meandered into to her studio in the Arts District in downtown LA — it’s 8am. I’ve just spent far too long in traffic. I open the door and within an instant, I am transported. Heaven? Is this you? Incense was filling the room with my favorite Nag Champa scent, the smoke mingling with the early sun in the most merry of ways. Niko, her sweet lil’ pup, was chasing sun speckles as Jess made her home brewed teas. Yes, all her own creations. After giving me an impressive list of options, I settled on lemongrass echinacea, a hard choice over the others, buuuuut… I really gotta thing for lemongrass. We chatted and lounged about as she shifted into three of her favorite go to looks for LA. Perfect they were… high-waisted red printed trousers, an easy loose dress, and a cotton skirt with a cropped tank… drenched in her sister’s jewelry to boot. I look at her bookshelf (we all do this in others’ homes, don’t we?) and see she is also a fan of my favorite book “The Elegance of the Hedgehog” — We both flip for a minute and then move on to more important things… juice. Jess takes out her fresh veggies and loads both Annie and I with everything your body needs for a good morning.

Beyond her stunning natural beauty, Jess radiates an honesty and ease that makes you feel like old friends instantly. Not an ounce of ego here… just pure and loving. Thank you for a truly beautiful morning, Jessica. Read on to learn more about this lovely woman…

Where are you originally from, Jess?
I am from the Bay Area. Alameda to be exact :)

What are your parents like? How would you say they raised you? I would describe my parents as very supportive and easy going. They are both such unique people. In the last few years my mom has become a certified yoga instructor/Dr. Gerson expert and my dad has mastered the art of ukelele playing. I am constantly learning from them.

If you could invite one designer, one artist, one musician and one writer to put in a room and have a meal with… who would come? Who would be eating what? I would invite Charles and Ray Eames, David Hockney, Nico, and Richard Brautigan and we would be eating Indian food family style.

Jessica Mau at Home

jessica mau at home


Your morning ritual? Drinking tea while sitting in my sunny spot by the window.

What is the greatest piece of advice you have received… by whom did you receive it? Follow your heart, trust your intuition, and be yourself. From my dear friend Chloe Park.

If you weren’t modeling, what would you be spending your day doing? I would be living on a lush farm making tinctures and face masks.

jessica at home teas

jessica mau at home teas

jessica mau at home

jessica mau at home

jessica mau at home

In your next life… you’ll be happy coming back as… A Redwood.

Favorite meal… Sushi.

Best place in LA to chill? I love Elysian Park and the Daily Dose Cafe.

Favorite band/artist? I never get sick of Joni Mitchell.

Live anywhere in the world… where would that be? I would hop around between Hawaii and Joshua Tree.

Your greatest dream? To save all the doggies on death row at the pound.

Jessica Mau at home

Jessica Mau at home



jessica mau at home

jessica mau at home

jessica mau at home



How would you describe your style? Simple and loose with a touch of grandma and a hint of boyishness?

One thing you wish you could pull off… A visor.

Favorite items in your home? Tea kettle, cacti, endless stash of nag champa, and my pup.

Tell me about living in the Arts District? I love it. It has a great pioneering spirit down here. There are so many people with big ideas. New places are constantly popping up here and there. I also love Little Tokyo close by and how uncongested it is compared to other neighborhoods.

Three of your favorite current Free People items? I love the Slouchy Sweater Jacket, the Low Rise Relaxed Skinny Jeans, and the Ruffled Hem Button Down in white.

Thank you Jess! Seeee ya Nico!

jessica mau at home

Photos: Annie Edmonds


  1. Wonderful interview! I’ve always wondered about this beauty! Stunning, inside and out.
    The jewelry she is wearing is incredible! It says it was made by her sister?? Where can I find it?

  2. Lovely interview. Angie “The jewelry she is wearing is incredible! It says it was made by her sister?? Where can I find it?”
    I recently went to the launch of her sister’s jewelry and bought 2 incredible pieces! Her work is stunning. Those Mau sisters are sublime! :)
    You can find her work here:

  3. Love your studio. If I was younger I would never have given up on my dreams….I’ve always been so different…which is a Good thing :)…Thank you for sharing some of your life with us…you are Beautiful!

  4. Thanks for such a great post!! She seems lovely and her dog is sooo cute!! Loved seeing ” The elegance of the hedgehog” in her pile of books. It’s one of my favorite books too.

  5. I loved this post – what an enchanting woman! Would it be possible to get you guys to post her favorite recipe for juicing? Cheers :)

  6. Love her space. Love her aura. She has a very natural beauty about her. I can honestly say she had me at the redwood comment haha love it. Thank you for the post! Great inspiration —

    P.S. Getting The Elegance of the Hedgehog tomorrow to read:)

  7. She exudes peace. Great interview. I’m with Anne. Her bed frame is exactly what I’m looking for. Where do I find something like that?

  8. Thank you so much for all the positive words on Jessica’s bed! We’re so glad you like it.

    You can find it on our website at under Storage Platform.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 310.313.4700 or email


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