Rose Bowl Flea Market: Street Style

Fancy some of the very best people watching LA has to offer? Put this in your calendar. The second Sunday of every month, up to 20,000 people roll in to shop and sort the 2,500 booths of vintage, furniture, antiques, textiles (and much more) of the Rose Bowl Flea Market. Designers, celebrities, stylists, interior decorators… LA’s creatives flock to this (said to be the largest) market once a month, each with their own unique eye for what they are looking to bring home. Me? I prefer to sit in an old vintage recliner, coffee in hand, sunglasses snug and tight… and let the beautiful eclectic people watching begin. Ok, and a chunky piece of turquoise.  Come find me next time for a chat will you?


















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9 years ago

1. Does anyone else think that’s Mandy from Shameless in the last photo?
2. I hope to look half as amazing as the lady with grey hair when I’m her age!!

9 years ago

Oh my goodness these people have killer style! I would love to go there even just to people watch!

xo, Juliette Laura

9 years ago

I would absolutely die of happiness if I went there! :)

9 years ago

Everyone looks so perfect! I love it. Is that January Jones at the top? So many of these people look oddly familiar.

9 years ago

I am determined to go there someday…it’s pure heaven! I love the lady with the scarf and leather studded jacket…that will be me when I am her age! awesome <3

9 years ago

Goodness, that lady with the Rockabilly look and studded leather jacket, she’s gorgeous! I so want to be her when I grow up! and that market is just dreamy…..

9 years ago

As a born and raised Los Angelean, I can attest to the wonder that is the Rose Bowl Flea Market. It is filled with everything you never know you needed. From furniture to clothes to handbags to knick-knacks. I have tips for a good trip, first do not have a planned list. You never know what you might come across, and it is nearly impossible to find a specific item. I mean it is fine if you want a faux fur coat but if you are after a faux fur coat in grey with neck detailing you might need to search for the whole time you are there. This is because this market is literally OVERFLOWING. Some scores I have made range from velvet beaded kimonos to rose-painted vintage tea cups to a spotlight from an actual film set. The next tip is arrive ahead of time, I would recommend arriving 10-15 minutes ahead to avoid late afternoon crowds but be warned there will always be swarms. Next, I URGE that you wear sunscreen and bring water, if it is an average LA day, you can expect sun. If it is on the colder side a light jacket will do. Be sure to check weather ahead because strolling is no fun in 100+ temperatures or in pouring rain which are rare in LA but to be safe I would check forecasts. The water is a requirement even if it is not raining because otherwise you will end up paying $3-8 dollars for a bottle. This place is also chill if you want high-waisted shorts, the prices can not be beat and they are available in all sizes and colors. They also have loads of records if you look. Last, but not least, HAGGLE. It is expected and if you want a deal most people will lower prices with the more items you are interested in. I know none of this advice is far from common sense but I hope someone will put it to good use.

9 years ago

I love this, every shot is amazing . . . the woman in the studded jacket WOW!

9 years ago

Aha! That’s Emma Greenwell in the last photo, love her she’s so funky.

LA Flea Markets are the best. Even when I go home with nothing it’s always an experience and a great outing. I usually regular the Melrose Trading Post though because it’s on every Sunday!