Exploring Your Energy: The Root Chakra

This post comes from contributor Kristen Hedges.

The first time I learned about the Chakras, I was attending my Yoga Teacher Training. The notion of subtle energy was all very new to me. I liked tangible things. Things to be touched with the fingers and read about in Science textbooks. And yet, there was something familiar about the magic my Swami spun on the chalkboard. I scooted up on my meditation cushion and pulled out a pencil.

“Listen,” he said, “I’m going to break this down for you. See the spots on your body where each chakra is illustrated?” We all nodded. “In the exact same spots – every one! – we have a little cluster of nerves. Now, the Rishis in Ancient India knew this before they had the machines to scan your body and look underneath the skin. How? They were very, very still, and it’s said that they could feel them there – all seven chakras, or ‘wheels’ – humming and spinning within their bodies. These are the channels through which your vital energy flows.” He paused for effect, and then continued.

“And sometimes, that energy gets all blocked up, or flows too powerfully. Often, this is directly influenced by something you’ve got going on in your life – a relationship, your diet, your job. And when the energy is blocked, it can cause some serious health problems. You understand?”

chakra energy

At first, I was skeptical. But as the days at the Ashram passed, I began to notice that the characteristics of each Chakra were alarmingly similar to the places within my own body that pocketed emotions. I harbored fear in my knotted belly; sadness was a pang in my ribs; the inability to speak my mind was a tightness in my throat.

And as I brought attention to this ‘subtle body’ – the one that’s stitched together with emotion and spirit – the more I could feel it there, humming within me, affected by everything I thought, said, and did.

chakra energy

Today begins the first post in a seven part series about the chakras. My goal is to break them down simply for you, as my Swami did for me. I want you to understand that the subtle things, like unspoken truths, lingering thoughts & passions pushed aside affect you on an energetic level. I want to move beyond the pretty Sanskrit. To explain the chakras practically, so that you may understand each, & find a way to nourish each unique energy.

You have seven main Chakras, or ‘wheels’ of energy, in your subtle body. We’ll start with the first: the Muladhara Chakra.

chakra energy

Name: Muladhara {Root}

Location: The base of the spine.

Color: Red.

chakra energy

Consider this your foundation. Your center of safety, survival, trust, comfort; as your physical home might be to you.

When the Root Chakra is open & clear: You’re feeling grounded, stable, & comfortable with your current situation.

The Root Chakra can become blocked by: An abusive relationship, an unhappy home life, feelings of insecurity & abandonment.

Imbalance can lead to: feelings of anxiety, fear, depression, migraines, arthritis / pain in the knees, spacey-ness, worry, and frequent illness.

To check for a cause of imbalance, ask yourself: “Am I feeling at home? Am I feeling safe in my relationships / city / home? Am I stable? Grounded? Nourished?”

Things that make the Muladhara happy: Going outside, pressing your skin to the Earth, breaking free from a stagnant lifestyle, redecorating your home, shopping for things that serve you, eating warm foods & protein, gratitude for your possessions.

chakra energy

Herbal tea to balance this energy out: Seek something Earthy, spiced, with orange, cinnamon, and rosehips.

Yoga Asana: Tadasana {Mountain Pose}.

chakra energy

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  1. Oh I am so excited for this series. I have only a rough understanding of the Chakras. I can feel them when they are pointed out, but I had no idea what areas to explore in my every day life to unblock/discover a blockage. This will be so healing. Thank you.

  2. So excited for this series! I also love the content; it’s informative but really easy to digest, which makes taking action easier. Thanks so much!

  3. Thank you for this series. I’ve never seen chakras explained with so much simplicity — and this makes it easy to grasp how important they are to our well being. I’m really looking forward to the other six posts. Thanks again.

  4. Thank you so much for this series! I’ve always wanted to learn more about the Chakras. I’m looking forward to the next posts!

  5. So excited for this little series! I just took a chakra test online with a multiple choice list of questions, and was blown away with the results….so dead on!


  7. Can’t wait for more! This made so much sense to me and explained so much! I’m also getting that book, Wheels Of Life, asap, I want to know more. Thank You!

  8. This is seriously incredible. I feel that the concept can be quite overwhelming for a lot of people- including myself, but you do a seriously great job of making this simple and easy to grasp. I am SO excited to keep reading.

  9. WOW! Awesome presentation of the root chakra information. I am always looking for sites to recommend clients to when they are first learning about the chakras and I really appreciate how well you explained the root chakra. Thanks for all you do XOXO

  10. I cannot express how much I needed to read about the different chakra’s, in this creative way which you have illustrated so nicely <3 It really captured my attention (I hardly have any of it these days), and I think this way of thinking and feeling is exactly what my body and mind needs. Thank you!

  11. This is such a great post! Thank you! What is the name of the illustrator? Really love the artwork too :)

  12. I absolutely love the way you present the chakras here- clear and simple with beautiful illustrations that at least appear to be your own journal, helping you to internalize and simplify for yourself. Reading this post feels like a friend is sitting next to me sharing what she discovered. Thank you!

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