Free People Models Off Duty

This week, models Chloe, Michele, and Sheila all came to work looking casual, warm, and — as always — chic as hell. Here’s a look at what they wore!

Leather backpack, tan coat

Chloe was fit to be roaming city streets in her super long coat and black leather boots and backpack. Hair pulled back into a messy bun, and this girl is good to go.

Get Chloe’s look: Shadow Plaid Sergeant Jacket, Eddy Shoeboot, Jericho Backpack.

Michele Ouellet monochrome

Bandana scarf

Michele was looking quite chic in her monochrome getup. Just a touch of gray to break up the outfit — and how cool is that bandanna scarf?!

Get Michele’s look: Chunky Oversized Pullover, Hi Rise Roller SkinnyStorm Warning Lacey Suede Jacket, Muse Ankle Boot, Patchwork Ikat Scarf.

Sheila Marquez in Free People studio

Mismatched laces 2

Sheila permanently gives off a baddass unique vibe, this time with an awesome jacket and boots, and some mismatched laces to go with them.

Get Sheila’s look: In My Pocket Sweater, Low Rise Relaxed SkinnyWashed Moto Jacket, Joplin Stitch Boot.

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7 years ago

UGH. They are perfect. Love their outfits!

xo, Juliette Laura

7 years ago

i loooove those boots pictured, but when i clicked on the link, they arent the same boots. it’s currently labeled as sorel jopin stitch boot, but the ones pictures look different. please tell me the right name. thanks!

7 years ago

Nevermind, I think they are isabel marant boots… too bad! i can’t afford those…

7 years ago

None of the boots pictured have the right links!!!

7 years ago

Aren’t they long legged and awesome?!

7 years ago

The link for the black leather backpack is not the backpack in this picture! I NEED THIS BACKPACK? Anyone know where it is?