Free People Horoscopes By Tracy Allen, Week Of February 24–March 2

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zodiac sign illustrationPISCES

February 19–March 20

High-expectations Jupiter has increased your drive for personal fulfillment through creativity, love or procreation, but unstable finances or erratic confidence threaten to deter you this week when Jupiter contends with unstable Uranus in your worth zone. With Mercury going direct in your subconscious-and-spirituality house, rely on your intuition and faith to keep you on track. The new moon in Pisces aligns with Neptune, Jupiter and Pluto, offering you a fresh start. This combination of planets gives fuel to your dreams; coaxes you to think about what you need in order to move forward; calls for an expanding vision of your potential; and affirms that your empowerment is sustained by the network of people in your life. Mars is turning retrograde in your sharing sector, complicating your efforts to get what you want from someone close to you or from yourself. Buried pain, anger or jealousy may surface in the next 80 days as you revisit dark places in a relationship or within your psyche. If you bravely face whatever comes up, you’ll replenish your energy reserves.


zodiac sign illustrationARIES

March 21–April 19

An impulse for hasty action is likely to arise this week when overblown Jupiter in your emotions zone provokes unstable Uranus in your sign, triggering restlessness. You’re tempted to implement change to exercise your freedom and relieve the discomfort of the various unknowns in your life, but you should know first that your ruling planet is turning retrograde. Mars will be backtracking until May 19, and since he only turns retrograde about every 26 months, you’re apt to feel the loss of momentum. As frustrating as the coming 80 days might be at times, you can use them to examine your current course of action. You may come to the conclusion that some things aren’t worth your persistence, but you needn’t act on such decisions just yet. If the discrepancy between what you want to be doing and what you’re currently doing gets to you this week, be sure not to take it out on someone else. Alone time, introspection, spirituality, creativity and sleep will help to center you—both now and going forward.


zodiac sign illustrationTAURUS

April 20–May 20

You could feel overwhelmed by the thoughts swirling around in your head when excessive Jupiter in your mindset zone spars with insurgent Uranus in your subliminal sector this week. Your half-conscious urge to instigate an uprising that will shake up your life is both exciting and daunting. The new moon in your network house encourages you to focus on what you need from your friends, colleagues, mentors and professional connections in order to feel empowered. Set fresh objectives now with a spirit of optimism and a strong will. With the action planet Mars turning retrograde in your efficiency zone, you might not make much obvious progress. But during the next 80 days, you have a chance to correct imbalances in your daily life that hamper your productivity. If you’ve tried and failed to conquer a bad habit, give it another shot now. Rework your routine to eliminate time wasters and incorporate better self-care. And let the difference between what you’re doing every day and what you want for your future motivate you.


zodiac sign illustrationGEMINI

May 21–June 20

Thankfully Mercury turns direct this week, but the day after that, Mars goes retrograde—bringing its own set of challenges. This go-for-it planet is in your enjoyment sector, and while he’s backtracking for the next 80 days, you’d do well to revive old sources of passion and pleasure and revise a creative project. Pause and consider if you’re directing sufficient energy toward the things and people you truly love. Are you chasing something or someone that doesn’t make you happy? Reconnect with your heart so you can get on the right path to fulfill its desires when Mars goes direct in May. You’ve been prioritizing expansion of some sort, but when you’ve tried to team up with people, they’ve behaved unpredictably. That frustration could come up again now, making you want to go your own way. The new moon at the top of your chart asks what you hunger to be known for in the world. Strive to make the next chapter in your professional life a combination of financial reward and meaningful vocation.


zodiac sign illustrationCANCER

June 21–July 22

Your sense of possibility and impetus for growth may clash with career shifts this week when expansive Jupiter in your sign battles disruptive Uranus in your goals angle. Instead of jumping at the wrong things, focus on what you need to learn in order to get where you want to go. Seek out someone who’s ahead of you on your desired path to mentor you. Identify your worries and try to address them, while maintaining an underlying optimism. Mercury’s direct turn will enable you to do some in-depth thinking, but Mars’s retrograde turn the next day could throw you off-course if you let it—or more specifically, if you fight it. If you get extra moody, carve out some private time at home. Tune into old emotions in the next 80 days and work on processing repressed rage especially. Dislodging dark feelings may sound imprudent, but if you can transform stuck anger into healthy aggression and use it to mobilize you, your drive will be refreshed in May when Mars moves forward again.



zodiac sign illustrationLEO

July 23–August 22

Your optimistic outlook may go through some ups and downs this week when enthusiastic Jupiter in your subconscious sector fights with erratic Uranus in your beliefs zone. But verbal Mercury is going direct in your relationship angle, suggesting that giving voice to your doubts with someone close to you might help. When your ruler the sun comes together with the moon to form a new moon in your sharing sector, trust is emphasized even further. The sun represents your ego identity, and the moon is about feelings and needs. So this lunation is asking who you are in your closest relationships and how they make you feel. Becoming more aware of tucked away parts of you and accepting them will pave the way to truer intimacy with others. With Mars turning retrograde in your thinking-and-talking house now, try to find a mental equilibrium and hold your tongue when you’re tempted to misdirect your frustrations. Instead, examine a course of action that you’re currently on and sift through any stuffed-down anger in your head.


zodiac sign illustrationVIRGO

August 23–September 22

The vast range of potential new goals in your head promises to take you in a different direction, but it could seem like you have to cut ties with someone in order to move on, when gigantic Jupiter in your objectives zone clashes with detached Uranus in your closeness house this week. If that’s how you’re feeling, be sure not to get too ahead of yourself by doing something rash. Impulsive Mars is going retrograde in your values sector, making it difficult to get your priorities straight. You might get into arguments over values, stuff and money between now and May 19, but you’d be better off focusing on your own behavior during this time. Productive activities include balancing your budget, clearing out clutter and working on your self-esteem. Mercury is going direct, enabling you to think more clearly, and thoughts connected with self-improvement are especially innovative now. A new chapter in your relationships is ushered in by this week’s new moon, and you’re nudged to seek depth, meaning and a spiritual purpose in your connections.


zodiac sign illustrationLIBRA

September 23–October 22

You’re aiming high, with optimistic Jupiter in your ambition angle, and Jupiter’s squabble with abrupt Uranus in your relationship house this week could make you impatient to get others on the same page. Accept that people are independent creatures pursuing their own agenda, and don’t push for their support of yours right now. The new moon in your self-improvement sector calls for you to focus instead on what you yourself can do to boost your chances for success. A fresh approach to your job and your daily regimen will help, as will a commitment to refine your skills and take better care of yourself. With Mars in your sign, you’ve felt compelled to take action, but now that he’s turning retrograde, it’s time to connect with bottled-up anger, neglected passions and your inner will. You’ll notice the loss of apparent momentum in the next 80 days, but your drive can gain inner traction as you locate and stoke the fire inside you. When May rolls around, you can externalize this internal shift.


zodiac sign illustrationSCORPIO

October 23–November 21

You’re setting your sights high, thanks to limitless Jupiter in your beliefs house, and Uranus’s ongoing presence in your regimen sector wants you to alter your routine and wake up to new opportunities. When these two planets clash this week, doing things differently—even structuring your day differently—will broaden your perspective and increase your belief in what you can accomplish. The new moon in your joy sector reminds you that matters of the heart make you feel at least as alive as achievement does. You’re encouraged to plant a seed for love and happiness and water it with faith, imagination, intuition and empowered thinking. With Saturn retrograde in Scorpio the next four and a half months, you’ll withdraw further from the world to assess your growth and continue your inner work. Your co-ruler Mars is in your subliminal sector and also turning retrograde, which may cause you to act against your own best interest at times. Process repressed drive, anger and passion and revive your spirituality. Then reengage your renewed will more appropriately when Mars goes direct in May.


zodiac sign illustrationSAGITTARIUS

November 22–December 21

Jupiter conflicts with unruly Uranus this week, giving you an impulse to detach from your high expectations of a partnership or perhaps from your expectations of your own inner strength. Try to convert this impulse into a new route to creativity or closeness if you can. You should be clever enough to manage that now, thanks to intelligent Mercury turning direct in your mentality house. The new moon in your domestic angle suggests a fresh start in your living situation. If you don’t feel like your home is your sanctuary, strive to understand what you require deep down to feel comfortable. With Mars going retrograde in your group sector, you may need a soothing refuge more than you think. Fights with friends are a possibility in the coming 80 days if you allow yourself to get impatient over a lack of progress. Use this time to review your professional connections, your friendships, your newest goals and your ties to various organizations. In May, you can redirect your energy more constructively based on your findings.


zodiac sign illustrationCAPRICORN

December 22–January 19

A mood swing could come into conflict with your expectations of others when sporadic Uranus in your emotions angle battles hopeful Jupiter in your relationship zone this week. Take advantage of Mercury’s direct turn by recognizing (and perhaps verbalizing) what’s going on with you and how it’s affecting your interactions. The new moon in your mindset zone is in sync with Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto, encouraging a new attitude toward yourself and others—one that’s made up of benevolence, compassion and empowerment. But as your ruler Saturn turns retrograde in your group sector, you may find your dealings with others aren’t going exactly according to plan. Restructure your objectives rather than trying to get people on your team. With Mars also turning retrograde, progress will be somewhat elusive anyway. Be careful about showing your frustration, because Mars is in the most public part of your chart. Instead, focus on reviving an old goal or bringing your ambition into better balance with the rest of your life.


zodiac sign illustrationAQUARIUS

January 20–February 18

Jupiter has expanded your concept of what you could be doing every day, giving you a different opinion about your potential job growth or causing you to take on more responsibility at work. Jupiter’s skirmish with unruly Uranus in your mindset house this week could trigger impatience for such changes to happen faster. Although clever Mercury is going direct in Aquarius, facilitating clearer thinking, don’t take immediate action based on your current impulse. Doer Mars is turning retrograde, making the results iffy. During the next 80 days, you’ll need to acclimate to a slower pace. Take detours in stride if you can, and watch for arguments over differences of opinion. Work on attaining a more balanced, complete perspective rather than selling others on your beliefs that may call for reexamination. The new moon in your worth zone directs your attention to what you need and how you feel about what you have going for you. In the months ahead, commit to more spiritually based self-worth, prioritize fulfilling work and deepen your internal transformation.


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Love! These horoscopes are the most accurate ones I’ve read in a while. The Virgo is spot on


Wow your Leo scope is so accurate. I’m hoping I can pull through with your advice, because I have been dealing with the frustrations from an old relationship that keeps popping in and out of my life.
I love these weekly posts, Thanks !


Leo is spot on, as always. These are by far the most accurate horoscopes I’ve come across in a long while, Thank You!!!


Who is the girl in your picture? I love her hair and would love to see more photos.

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