Our Favorite Dress For Spring

Season after season, there’s always a specific piece that everyone gets excited about. From the fit down to the color, every tiny little detail is appreciated and loved. As spring begins to set in, we start to bare more and allow our skin to see the first bits of warm sunshine. This year, the Diamonds In The Sky Dress is that special crowd-pleaser. When I first saw this dress on Erin Wasson in our March book, I was immediately drawn to it. As she stands under the moon, arms raised and tattoos showing, this shot is what made me put that dress at the top of my wish list.

erin wasson shot

My favorite part is the delicate detail around the neckline. The embroidery is placed just right, and little bits of crochet cascade down from the top. This dress has some great hanger appeal, but when it’s put on, it comes to life.

caroline in dress

Some of our girls on FP Me have taken some beautiful shots while wearing the Diamond In The Sky Dress, and I wanted to share them with you all. Click on the usernames below the images to check out their profiles on FP Me. Have a look!

fp me 1


fp me 2


april looking cool


girl sitting on bed


arm detail


dress and jacket


dress and hair braid


mop top on car


caroline in dress

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7 years ago

Ugh that dress really is incredible. Such an amazing collection of photos.


7 years ago

This dress is beautiful but runs very large :( I wish I could wear it though because it really is great.

7 years ago

Ah! I saw that dress in the store and was inspecting the handiwork and detail of it all! So so beautiful!!

7 years ago

Such a perfect dress!

x Kenzie

7 years ago

Love it <3, I want it!
Strawberry Blonde

7 years ago

Beautiful maxi dress. Perfect to welcome the warm weather with


7 years ago

I bought this dress and it’s lovely!!!

5 years ago

I have been looking everywhere for the dress! I am dreaming of getting married in it this spring – if anyone has an xs they are willing to sell please let me know !! Thank you loves xoxo