What Green Says About You

March 17th: a day for green. And just 3 days shy of the spring equinox: yet another time for this beautiful hue. Green… the color of nature, of growth, of life. A tone that represents learning… balance… harmony. If you find yourself drawn to the color green, it may also be true that…

Hands, jewels, greens, black

You are a combination of yellow and blue. You’re naturally optimistic with a strong mental clarity — as brought by yellow — and emotionally calm and deeply intuitive — as brought by blue. Others are drawn to this calm, insightful positivity you possess. With it, comes a delightful sense of hope.

Free People green bralette

Balance is one of your greatest strengths. While others posses strong amounts of passion — both positive and negative — your energies are rather spent keeping all aspects of life in line. Because of this, you’re a gentle soul. As a friend, you’re always loyal; as a partner, always faithful. You seek peace in any situation, and always prefer it over action — you generally don’t take risks.

Mini nest, moss, rocks

You’re community minded, and — while money is of great importance to you — you’re naturally generous. You have a great need to love and be loved; to be accepted, admired, and appreciated for all the good you do. You have high moral standards, and always strive to do what’s right.

Green stairs

You’re known as a gracious and well-mannered being. You’re at ease in any social situation, knowing just how to move, what to say, where to look… it all comes as second nature to you.

Green paisley

Modesty and patience are two traits of yours. You may appear naive and innocent to others, but in actual fact you are quite the opposite. You’re intelligent, practical, and stable as they come. Though you may not make it outwardly known, you have the gift of reading others.

Free People green harem pants

I was really surprised by how many of these traits relate to me. I found myself nodding and smiling as I was researching this topic. Do these things describe you accurately? Let us know!

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6 years ago

I’m not much of a green person, but i’ve always been told I looked good in it so I wore a lot of it growing up and for a short period of time I became fond of the color. I have naturally red hair pretty much like yours Brigette. I do like versions of green though, such as teal and turquoise. Great post, I am really loving these color psychology posts!

6 years ago

Wow this is crazy how much your favorite color can relate to you. I found many similarities between my personality and this post, I wonder what Neon Green in particular says cause that’s my favorite shade.

6 years ago

I love green and this describes me pretty much perfectly! Loved this post, thank you!

6 years ago

I love green, even though it is my favourite colour I don’t own that many things that are green. My favourite shade has to be emerald or a jade green. Vibrant greens are the ones that stand out for me.

Great post.

6 years ago

This is totally meeee!

6 years ago

Green is my favourite colour and I can’t believe how much of this sounds like me – just not the social stuff, haha. Really enjoying these colour psychology posts, thanks!

6 years ago

This is totally me! I love love LOVE green AND I’m a libra.. I’m all about balance! Great post!

6 years ago

Beautifully written xx


6 years ago

My favorite colors have always been gray and blue(even though gray is a shade, not a color), yet I love the woods which makes green a special color to me. Also, I heard that just looking at the color green can make someone happy and I love happiness. Although it’s not my favorite color, it is still quite special. And I found a lot of these things relating to me. How wonderful. Thank you for bringing it to my attention:).

6 years ago

As I’m reading this I was totally going “Oh my glob that is totally me” for most of these things (the social part was the only thing that didn’t truly fit me) because I love the color green. I loved this post!

6 years ago

green, in all its shades (emerald, kelly, mint, olive, army, etc), has been my favorite color, the color I am most drawn to, for as long as I can remember. I remember being young and coloring and not liking what I colored if there wasn’t green in it… it looked like something was missing haha My prom dress was emerald green. My gorgeous gown I wore for my senior voice recital for graduating from college in music was the most gorgeous shade of emerald green! When Pantone named emerald the color of the year last year I freaked! All my friends know, if it’s green, I’m gonna like it and want it ;) This post describes me TO A T! I can’t explain how ME this post is hahaha I’m officially creeped out :) how can the colors your attracted to say so much about who you are??! That’s impressive!

6 years ago

Yes, I can relate, green has aways been my favorite color and as a young child remembering how lucky I was to have emerald as my birth stone.

6 years ago

I have loved green for as long as I can remember, it all makes so much sense now! #Pisces