Monday Quote: Most Creative

“I’m always the most creative just before I fall asleep.” -Unknown

When I read this quote it struck me, because it rings so true to myself. It’s always right as I get into bed that a creative burst hits me. It’s a bittersweet thing really. Do you get up and let out your creativity? Or do you hold on to it, hoping it’s still there in the morning to greet you as you wake? Most of the time I’ll mentally take note of things. Or if an idea strikes that I really don’t want to forget in the midst of sleep, I’ll grab my phone next to my bed and text it to myself so I can wake up and read it in the morning to refresh my memory.

Sometimes though, it’s best to just let that creativity roll into your dreams. It makes for a wild ride.

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6 years ago

I don’t know who said that phrase above, but I remember reading that the painter Salvador Dali had this amazing creative process:
He would sit with a spoon and try to fall asleep, the moment he did the spoon obvisously would fall in the floor, he would wake up with the noise and go painting, because that way he had triggered his subconcious! The amazing surreal creations he left us are basically a gift of the sleep! :)

6 years ago

This totally happens to me almost every night – I’m always too comfortable or sleepy to write or draw what pops into my head!

6 years ago

where can I find/make fonts like the one’s you guys use on these quotes/website/videos?
I need to know :(