How To Make Natural Powdered Blush

Update: This post originally ran February 10th, 2014, but we wanted to bring it back to get your cheeks all rosy for spring!

Making your own natural makeup is a beautiful way to feel good about what you’re putting on your skin, and this recipe only has a few ingredients.

All you really need is some beet root powder, but you can customize your shade using some other natural ingredients, as well.

To make beet root powder, first boil or bake a few beets, then peel them, cut them into thin strips, and dehydrate them using an oven or a dehydrator. If you use an oven, you’ll want to keep it at 140 degrees Fahrenheit, with the door propped open to avoid moisture buildup. After 8-10 hours, they should be fully dehydrated. To turn them into a powder, put them in a food processor until you have a fine powder.

I don’t own a dehydrator, and my oven doesn’t function at low temperatures, so I opted to purchase beet root powder instead. You should be able to find some at your health food or vitamin store, but you can certainly purchase it online if not. Try to find an organic kind if possible — like this. If it comes it capsule form, just pull the capsules open to release the powder, then discard the empty capsules.

Homemade beet root blush

To customize your shade, you can add arrowroot flower to lighten it, cocoa powder to darken it, and ground ginger to add a little shimmer! Play around with different shades until you find what works best for you. I personally love bright pink blush, so I like using beet root powder in its pure form.

How to make beet root blush

Homemade beet root blush 3Here are 5 different shades I made. It was so incredibly easy.

Different shades of blush using beet rootThat’s all there is to it! Find a nice little screw-top jar to store your blush in, and carry it with you wherever you go. :)Homemade beet root blushHave you ever made your own blush using beet root? What other ingredients did you add to it?

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  1. It makes such a pretty shade! I never wear blush because I can’t ever find my perfect color and I end up looking like i’m really hot, lol…so I really want to try this :)

  2. This is so awesome! I saw beet root powder at the health food store just the other day and was thinking it could be made into blush but I wasn’t sure what else to add to it to lighten it. Perfect! Thank you for the inspiration, making your own skin care products is so much fun. I’m excited to try experimenting with makeup <3 xoxo

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  3. Had heard about using ground Hibiscus flowers but not beets. Hmmm, might be time to do a comparison. I use cornstarch for a “mineral veil” with a touch of pearlized mica- is arrowroot better?

  4. I’ve tried this before– unfortunately the beet oxidizes on the skin after a few hours and it turns more of a tan color (no longer pink).

  5. It would be very lovely, unfortunately it’s difficult for me to find the ingredients near my home except online. This is great idea anyway, perhaps I can look for another potential ingredient and have fun with experiment. I would love to have a peachy color blush! Thanks.

  6. I am going to try this! I love to a natural make-up. Just order beet powder. I wondered if rice flour would work in place of the arrowroot flour. Rice flour is very fine.


  7. Seriously awesome idea! I have been trying to transition to all natural cosmetics, and I love the pinky color that the beetroot gives. I am going to order some beet root powder, and try mixing it up with the other ingredients for a perfect shade. Super excited. Thank You!!!! Aleks from

  8. Is there another powder that I can use to replace the arrowroot powder? Unfortunately, you cannot buy arrowrot powder where I live.

  9. I love posts like this :) If you guys are interested in other diy you should check out this book from the 70s called The Handbook Of Natural Beauty by Virginia Castleton. It’s phenominal and has mounds of recipes for hair, makeup, your skin, nails, acne, everything. It’s brilliant!

  10. I wonder if you could make a blush paste by adding coconut oil? And would that prevent the beet powder from oxidizing? Might help with application issues too… I may have to go try this out! Thanks for the great idea!

  11. I’ve been stressing out lately because I feel like so many products nowadays are carcinogenic or bad for our health. That goes for makeup especially, since it’s something that we use almost every day–and it goes on our face! I love this post so much and I’m definitely going to try making my own blush from products that I know are safe and healthy. Thanks!

    xo Katie

  12. I wonder if you add in hand santitizer will it compact the powder? I remember there was a post a while back on how to fix up broken powders. I don’t know if it would work for this, but hey might as well give it a go!

  13. What an amazing idea! I can’t wait to try this! I have really sensitive skin so it will be interesting to see if this helps my skin brighten up. Thanks!

  14. this is great, but aside from beet root also try out hibuscus and/ or alkanet powder. Alkanet would give a darker red shade, I would say it is a lit closer to brown. I use alkanet infused oils to color lip balms and things like that, works great! Also, in terms of the powder substance, try bentonite clay. It is very safe for your skin as it is also safe to ingest. The cool thing about these types of cosmetics is that you could potentially eat them if you wanted to…not that you probably would, but don’t put anything on your skin that you can’t ingest! Your skin and eating in the end brings everything back to your bloodstream, and you don’t want all those weird toxins floating around your blood and liver!

    Also for shimmer, add some ground mica powder <3

  15. also for the concerns about making it more compact like in most blushes you’d find in the pharmacy, try putting the powder in the food processor and drizzling in the tiniest amount of oil (i’d recommend sweet almond or even a little olive or raw sesame) and then processing it for a few pulses. It should compact into any container much more easily after that.

  16. Thank you so much for this recipe. So beautifully captiavting I cannot wait to try it and share it with my sisters. Goddess knows we all need to throw out our chemical assassin “war paint”.

    In gratitude,
    Marina Love

    Ps: To all the chicas reading – I have a 5 week journey with lots of fun holistic recipes in my program called Beauty Magic – check it out here

  17. I’ve been trying this in different forms. I can’t seem to get the color to stick. I’ve tried dehydrating, glycerin, and coconut oil. Nothing seems to get the color to really stick. Any suggestions from those who have tried this?

  18. Thank you so much for this blog. I need blush for doll making and this is perfect. I make so many different colors of skin tones …depending on colors of fabric I find. I also make ethnic dolls so the darker colors will help with that. Also, I’m of the age that I don’t want bright colors on my cheeks so I can make the lighter colors with the arrowroot. Again…thank you.

  19. I made my own makeup with beet root, arrowroot, cacao powder and cinnamon, but these ingredients triggered a candida attack in me. I am very, very sensitive to candida, and my health is not goodI am looking to replace the beet root powder with something non sweet, but I have no idea what to use. Also, I am looking for a replacement for the cacao powder, since the cacao irritates my skin, but I dont know what to replace it with. Ideally the ingredient is healthier than cacao, and does not irritate.
    The make up I made looked good, but I so very much wish to find make up that works for me, without making me ill. All help is very much appreciated.

  20. I am going to try some of these ideas right away! I like them as a powder and pretty sure this will work well for me as I use coconut oil on my skin each morning and the powder will stick nicely as I am using conventional loose powder and it works well. No longer want unknown chemicals on my face! Thanks for this : )

  21. Good work girl! I really lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve it and I am gonna try it! I hope all of us women and girls shall do this! it’s cheap, it’s safe, it’s great for the skin, it smells good and unharmful for the environment!!! Please teach us more on how to make own make up! you’re genial! Many thanks!

  22. Hello! I have made all of these powders using beetroot powder and they are beautiful shades! Unfortunately, I can not give them to stick to my face and offer long lasting color. Do you have any ideas for how to remedy this?

    Thank you!
    Amy Jo

  23. Amy Van Natta,
    I am right there with you! Looks nice my bathroom counter as it falls off my face! Hopefully you have found some solution as this was over a year ago. I feel like so far it was a waste of my money and time, great concept though. Please post of you figured a good application, thanks!

  24. Hi if you don’t have beet powder or you can’t get your hands on some then I know how to make it get a beetroot and slice it thin then lay it out on a dehydrator and dehydrate for 8-10 hours then get a food processor or coffee grinder and pulse it until it’s a fine powder.

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