Weekend Getaways: The Desert

If the cold weather won’t escape me… I’ll escape it. I’m dreaming of a place where the sun shines high in the sky; beating down, down, down, with no remorse. Where there are cacti aplenty, prickles and all, standing tall, one by one, with no need for anything other than what they already have. The ground is dusty, my boots are covered, and I don’t care one bit. I like it that way. I’ll roam and roam, free as can be, with nowhere to go but onward.

Here’s what I’d pack for a getaway to the desert:

1. Asia Necklace

2. Kiss Me Dress

3. Storm Tassel Kimono

4. Eclectic Suede Braid In

5. Baby cacti

6. Mixed Plating Etched Triangle Cuff

7. Graceland Boot

8. Innuendo Sunglass

9. Pima Crossbody

10. Journal & natural wooden pencil

11. Embellished Band Brimmed Hat

Free People fringe outfit on wall

Cacti, journal, cuff, sunglasses

Free People boots, dried plants

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I LOVE that dress! The flowers are classic, vintage girly, but then the boots (which I’ve been craving ever since I saw them a few posts ago) and the kimono give this outfit an edge. Total desert dreamer.

xx Kelly

9 years ago

Such a great look! Yes to sunshine!


9 years ago

I love this look. It brings to mind open skies, sunshine, and wanderlust. Perfect!

xo Katie

9 years ago

I love this look. It brings to mind open skies, sunshine, and wanderlust. Perfect!

xo Katie

9 years ago

You have got to be kidding! I live in the desert, you wear your heaviest jeans and boots. I guess FP has never been to desert territory, there are rattle snakes abundant. Not to mention I carry my Ruger .38 with snake load in it, with the outfit you’ve got going what are you going to do beat them off with the purse? Silly, silly FP!

9 years ago

I loved the feature “Saturday Do” that you guys had on the blog a while ago… it was my favorite! Though I still love the Bldg 25, it would be nice if you could bring “Saturday Do” back! xox